Get Your Home Ready for Winter

Get Your Home Ready for Winter

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As the weather turns colder, getting your home ready for winter is probably on your mind. While it can seem overwhelming to prepare everything for the coming winter season, it doesn’t have to be. Investing time in preparing your home for winter can help to keep stress levels down during the winter months. Even better, there are some simple ways to get things ready. Here are a few things to remember as you prepare for winter.

Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

Start by Preparing the Outside of Your Home

When preparing for the winter months, it can be beneficial to spend some time outside of your home. There are small tasks you can take on that will have a significant impact on your home. Even better, many of the tasks on this list will involve little time for you. It can be beneficial to set aside a day for outdoor work. However, if that is not possible, many of these tasks can be broken into smaller jobs over the course of time.

  • Check all gutters and clean them as needed - Before heading into the winter months, take some time to check your gutters. Clean them out and make sure that all gutters and downspouts are working correctly. This will help to avoid issues when things start to melt down during the spring months. Use the clean gutter bundle to make this job easier on you and be sure that they are completely cleaned in a safe way.

  • Clean walls and siding - When cleaning the outside of your home, it can be helpful to take some time to clean siding and walls before heading into the winter months. Use the clean gutter bundle to make this job even easier! Taking the time to clean it before you head into the winter months will help to keep your siding/walls in good shape. If there are any damages to your siding, this is also the perfect time to repair it before heading into colder months.

  • Put away summer and fall décor - As you head into the winter months, it is important to take some time to put away summer and fall décor. Use a kid-safe all-purpose cleaner to wipe down all items before storing them away. Taking the time to clean these items and put them away before heading into the winter months will help you to avoid cleaning them up later. Some of the items to keep in mind are outdoor toys, decorations, and even summer water toys.

Deep Clean the Interior of Your Home

During the winter months, you will spend a great deal of time indoors with your family. Take some time before the winter season fully starts to deep clean your walls and floors. By investing a bit of time into preparing these areas you will have a fresher-smelling home that will be ready for the holidays. When people clean for the winter, the walls and floors are often overlooked. However, using the tips below can help your house smell fresher and set you up for a great winter.

  • Clean your walls the easy way - When most people think of cleaning their walls, they think of getting on a ladder with a washrag. We are not recommending that. In fact, you can use the 5-minute clean walls bundle to quickly and easily clean your walls without ever pulling out the ladder! You can even use the holiday hearth spray to add a fresh holiday scent to your home.

  • Stain treat the floors - Stains that sit on floors can leave the entire house looking messier. Spending a short amount of time stain-treating the floors can have a huge impact on the overall cleanliness of the home. Use a quality carpet stain cleaner to easily remove stains and give your floors a fresh new look before heading into winter.

  • Clean carpets, wood floors, and grout - When working to clean your floors, it can help to do an overall clean of your floors before heading into the winter months. This is a great time to use a quality carpet steaming product or a grout cleaning bundle to give floors a fresh look.

Set Up Systems to Avoid Future Messes

The winter season is famous for small and large messes related to snow and mud. In fact, wet clothes are often piled at the door, shoes track in mud, and outdoor toys quickly come indoors. Spending a bit of time before the winter starts setting up systems to keep things clean can make a world of difference. Even better, many of these systems won’t involve much of a time commitment. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Have a shoe storage location - One of the biggest culprits of winter messes are shoes that track messes into the home. Set up a shoe station at the door for cleaning and storing shoes. Establish a no shoes in the house rule to help prevent tracking messes throughout the house. It can help to keep a kid-safe all-purpose cleaner and a microfiber cloth by the shoe station to easily clean shoes of messes before storing them.

  • Set up a laundry bin or storage location for clothing/jackets - Wet winter clothing and jackets can get dumped around the house and lead to larger messes. Take the time to set up a laundry bin or storage location for these items. This will help you prevent items from laying throughout the home and causing larger messes later. It will also make it easier to wash these items with eco-friendly laundry soap.

  • Establish a daily zone cleaning schedule - During the winter months you may spend more time in the home. Set up a zone cleaning schedule to help you consistently clean the higher trafficked areas of your home. For some, this is easiest when they work on a specific zone each day. For others, it helps to do a bit of work in each zone each day. Work to establish a zone cleaning schedule that will work for your household. Zones can include living room, kitchen, floors, laundry, bathrooms, bedrooms, and other common areas in the home that are highly trafficked.

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