*NEW* 4-in-1 Kitchen & Home Cleaner Degreaser Concentrate

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Kitchen & Home Cleaner Degreaser is unmatched for performance and versatility. 3x faster: A fast acting, water based, grease cleaner/motor oil remover, gentle enough for laundry stains and auto carpet cleaning. All with a fresh Mountain Peak Scent!

SAFE FOR: appliances, stainless steel, tile, copper, aluminum, brass, vinyl sealed wood, plastic, rubber and more.

USE ON: stove, oven, grill, car parts, rims, grout, bug splatter and more.

HANDLES TOUGH ODORS: eliminates unpleasant odors from smoke, tobacco, pets, food and more.

SAFER FORMULA: our non-corrosive, water-based formula is free of bleach, acid, dangerous solvents and dyes.


Full Strength/Heavy Duty: Ovens, grills, range hoods, vents, floor wax removal, engines, tires, alloy wheels, tools, grease and oil stains, carbon and graphite deposits, soot, latex paint clean up

10:1/Medium Cleaning: Counters, stovetops, sinks, refrigerators, showers, bathtubs, tile, toilets, decks, fiberglass, canvas, paint prep walls, linoleum (may strip floor wax)

100:1/Light Cleaning: Floors (tile, terrazzo, wood, laminate), painted surfaces, steel, chrome, plastics, window blinds

Use on Multiple Surfaces

Extra Tough on Stains


4-in-1 Kitchen & Home

  • Cleaner, Degreaser, Deodorizer, Stain Remover
  • Fast penetrating, water-based, concentrated formula
  • Eliminates pet, smoke, and cooking odors
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Safe for Any Washable Surface

  • Stove, oven, grill, auto, grout, window blinds, floors
  • Removes grease, grime, oil, burnt on messes, food splatter and more
  • Dilutable for light, medium, or heavy cleaning power
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