Kid Safe, Pet Safe 5-In-1 All Purpose Cleaner, Ready To Use, 32 oz.

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Clean your healthier home with the safest, most versatile all-purpose cleaner on the planet. Our naturally-scented citrus aroma is derived from real orange peels and is safe to use on any washable surface. This powerful cleaner is safe to use around your kids and pets.

Safe for All Pets and Animals

Kid Safe

Fresh Citrus Scent Derived from Real Oranges

5x Less Toxic than Baby Shampoo

Clean your healthier home with the safest, most versatile all-purpose cleaner on the planet. This 99% naturally derived, eco-friendly formula is independently lab tested and is 5X less toxic than baby shampoo. It can be safely used on any washable surface and machine washable materials.

  • Safer for your children and pets
  • Naturally-derived citrus scent
  • Dye-free, clear formula
  • Independently lab tested (no live animal testing)
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Works On Any Surface

Safe for every surface, including counters, floors, walls, auto interiors, and more! Use Healthier Home's all purpose cleaner everywhere around your house. Use it inside your refrigerator, microwave, stove top, tables or counters. It also serves as a tremendous laundry pre-spotter.

  • Hundreds of uses – cleans dirt, grease, grime and more
  • Perfect choice around your kids and pets
  • Pre-treat stains on clothes with just one spray
  • Spray and wipe clean with no streaking
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What People Are Saying

Totally amazed by this product

Totally amazed by this product

“I am writing regarding your All Purpose Cleaner. I am totally amazed by this product. It is just the greatest in the market. My husband has a lot of allergies and this doesn’t bother him at all. It just leaves a lovely smell with no toxic fumes. I had bought a wood cleaner especially for wood floors and it left the floor a cloudy mess. I used All Purpose and it came up just beautiful. I just use it on everything. Thank you so much.”

– J. Meredith
A Breakthrough Product

A Breakthrough Product

“5-IN-1 is a breakthrough product. We have a vinyl patio enclosure roof with years of accumulated dirt, and I couldn’t find anything that would clean it without chemicals and hard scrubbing, neither of which is good for vinyl. But my wife sprayed some All Purpose on it, let it sit for 10-15 minutes, and the dirt just WIPED right off. The roof looks about as clean as when we bought it. Incredible! Keep up the good work with this incredible product.”

– A. White

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. In fact, it has been lab-tested and is 5x less toxic than BABY SHAMPOO. 9x less toxic than a top-selling national brand all purpose cleaner.

No. This is a cruelty-free product. We do not test on animals.

Yes. This is a totally BPA-free bottle!

The product can be used on any washable surface. There will be no gloss or matte finish.

Yes - spray and wipe clean.

Yes, this cleaner can be used on lacquered and/or acrylic glossy cabinets.

This product is non-toxic and has no specific antibacterial agents. By thoroughly cleaning the area with this product, you remove existing germs and leave nothing behind for germs to grow on. 

Vinegar is a low pH substance with little degreasing qualities. Our all purpose cleaner has a more balanced pH formula and therefore has broader and more effective usage applications.

No, this will not kill enzymes.

Yes, it is safe to clean kitchen cabinets with our surface cleaner. For use on hardwood floors, we recommend diluting the 25-ounce bottle by 50% (1 part product: 1 part water).

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Debra T.
United States United States

Best non toxic cleaner on market! Smells great , cleans without residue. Highly recommended. I am a mom of an autistic son I feel safe using this around my child.

Healthier Home Products

Debra; Thank you so much for your trust and kind words. If there is anything we can ever do for you please e-mail or call us at 630-482-5995. I sincerely hope you had a wonderful Mother's day. I told my wife as important as moms are it should be Mother's Month! Kent

craig r.
United States United States
Seriously, this stuff cleans EVERYTHING!!!

I love how I can use this on a countertop and immediately put kids food right on top of it without fearing any toxic remains from the cleaner getting on their stuff like other cleaners.

Healthier Home Products

Craig; Thank you so much for the kind words - our goal is to make sure you are always happy with us and our products. Give us a call if we can ever be of help - 630-482-5995. Best wishes to you and yours! Kent

victoria h.
United States United States
one bottle for every room

I have found this to be a great product to clean virtually every surface. With kids and pets, my walls, doorways, lightswitches seem to get their unfair share of smudges, fingerprints and abuse. Its so nice to have a product that can be used practically anywhere without damage to the painted surfaces. did I mention that I hate painting? smells great too!

tammy r.
United States United States
great in my bathroom

While cleaning the bathroom isn't one of my favs. The rooms are small and most bathroom cleaners are not very pleasant to be around. Healthier Home All Purpose cleaner is great all around the toilet. My two little boys do their best but toilet seats unfortunately often stay down. It's nice to have a product that cleans, is not overpowering, smells great and is gentle.

United States United States
Love it for kitchena dn laundry

My stove has a glossy black finish that looks great when it's clean but we all know stove tops are rarely clean. Problem with the finish is no matter what I used to clean up grease and splatter there was always a visible film. Since using healthier Home All Purpose the surface cleans up easy - spray, wipe dry and no film. Love it! I also use it as pre-spray on my boy's work pants before throwing them in the wash. He's a part time service porter at a local car dealer and has to wear khaki slacks. I pre-spray with All Purpose and they come out completely clean (by the way, love their Ahh...New detergent too!)