Hardfloor 6-In-1 Pet Odor Eliminator & Cleaner (32 Oz.)

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The Hardfloor 6-in-1 Pet Odor Eliminator and Cleaner instantly removes any and all stains and odors on contact. This product is a pet and eco-friendly formula that safely cleans your hard floor surfaces by leaving no chemical residue behind. Thanks to Tetraflex™, the product not only cleans, but prevents future re-soiling. The formula adds stain resistance and as it dries, leaving no chemical residue behind, so your hard floor areas stay cleaner for longer.

Pet Safe

Kid Safe


No Chemical Residue


A surface cleaner that is safe for your pets, children, and the entire home 

  • Barefoot clean, no chemical residue
  • Great for cleaning all pet messes and soils
  • Instantly eliminates odors
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Pack a powerful punch with a floor cleaner that works.

  • Safe for wood, tile, laminate, grout and more
  • Keeps surfaces cleaner & dust-free longer
  • Pet and kid safe; no harsh detergents, ammonia or bleach
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What People Are Saying

Love this product

Love this product

Love this product, quick spray and a wipe on my tile floor and could not smell any puppy pee at all.

– Sara T
Great product!

Great product!

Tried this product on a spot our puppy kept going to during house training. While our puppy still has an accident now and then she doesn’t always go back to the same spot.

– Lindsey K
Great product!

Great product!

I use this on our tile floor around the litter box – I’m a lot happier with how my utility room smells!

– Lynne H
 Seems to take care of all smells

Seems to take care of all smells

My next-door neighbor told me about this product and I’m glad she did. Seems to take care of all smells and the spots look good after they dry.

– Barb D.

Frequently Asked Questions

Regular floor cleaners may take care of what you can see after a pet accident, but do they take care of what your pet sees with their nose and what do they leave behind? Tetraflex™, the proprietary polymer package in all our carpet and floor care products, instantly eliminates all odors and embrittles so no chemical residue is left behind. This gives you a Healthier Home free of chemical residues, free of unwanted skin contact and improved indoor air quality for your family and pets.

First – always test in a small area for desired results. The overwhelming majority of hard floor surfaces are waterproof and sealed and safe for use, but it is advisable to test first. Typically, there are 2 different situations you will see – an accident that just occurred or one that happened some time earlier. For a fresh accident – urine, feces or vomit – the first step is to wipe up all the liquid or solids. Spray on Hardfloor Cleaner to completely cover the target area. Finally, wipe area dry with a soft, absorbent cloth or paper towels. For hardwood floors and ceramic tile, a soft cloth will help restore original shine and finish. For older accidents, remove any solids and liquids that remain. Liberally spray the area with Healthier Home Hardfloor Cleaner, be sure to spray a larger area as liquids may have spread further and dried – you want to ensure to cover all possible areas for odor elimination. After spraying repeat wipe and dry instructions.

All hard floor surfaces – hardwood, laminate, ceramic and porcelain tiles, bamboo and concrete.

For sealed grout no additional steps are required. For unsealed grout be sure to thoroughly spray the grout line to make sure enough product gets into the pores for complete odor elimination. Lightly scrub the grout line with a soft nylon brush (an old toothbrush is ideal), then blot dry with a soft cloth. You can use paper towels, but cloth is recommended as grout can have a rough texture and shred paper towels leaving a bit of an additional mess to sweep up.

Healthier Home is a combination of non-toxic non-ionic surfactants (soap), a proprietary odor-binding polymer package and water.

All pet waste – urine, feces, and vomit – gives off VOC’s – Volatile Organic Compounds – that both we, and especially pets, detect by smell. Remember, a dog’s sense of smell is incredibly more sensitive than ours – thousands and thousands of times more sensitive (see the list at the end of this section for some stunning examples of their ability to smell). This is why it is so important to thoroughly spray the entire area and beyond to ensure you don’t miss a single drop. You may not be able to smell it, but your pet still can. Healthier Home eliminates these VOC’s by binding them up – the polymer captures the VOC molecule by attaching to it. This makes the VOC molecule so large it can no longer be detected by olfactory organs – all sense of smell is gone.

Your skin is your largest organ. Anything that contacts your skin can and will be absorbed you’re your body. Healthier Home Hardfloor Cleaner also contains embrittling polymers. Embrittling means that, as the cleaning formula dries, it becomes brittle and breaks up into tiny flakes which are then vacuumed / swept away. None of the product remains behind. This is very important to us at Healthier Home. Pets are always barefoot, and many children spend a lot of time on floors on hands and knees. Barefoot Clean means your kids and pets aren’t being exposed to ‘left over’ cleaning chemical residues that will eventually end up in their systems.

Yes, Hardfloor Cleaner will safely clean and rinse with your standard laundry detergent (we recommend Ahh…New Laundry Detergent naturally).

Yes, Healthier Home is non-toxic. Always use common sense safety precautions with any cleaning product. Keep your kids and pets away from the area while applying. Once dry the area will have no chemical residue.