4-In-1 Carpet Stain Cleaner (32 Oz.)

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The 4-In-1 Carpet Stain Cleaner is a pet and eco-friendly formula that safely cleans your carpet by leaving no chemical residue behind. Thanks to Tetraflex™, the product not only cleans, but prevents future re-soiling. The formula adds stain resistance and embrittles as it dries. The embrittled cleaner is easily vacuumed away leaving no chemical residue behind - your carpets are clean and residue free for a healthier home!.

Pet Safe

Kid Safe


No Chemical Residue


A carpet cleaner that is safe for your children, pets and entire home 

  • Barefoot clean, no chemical residue
  • Instantly eliminates odors
  • Professional strength cleaning
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Pack a powerful punch with a carpet cleaner that works.

  • Protects carpets with added stain resistance
  • Eliminates resoiling - stains don’t come back
  • Safe for pets, kids, and the entire family
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What People Are Saying

The fastest, most effective spot/stain remover

The fastest, most effective spot/stain remover

The fastest, most effective spot/stain remover I've ever used. A little gentle blotting and it's gone. Sometimes, it seems literally to lift the stain off. The worst stains need two or three applications, but it gets them out, which is more than I can say for the others.

– Jack R
Did a good job

Did a good job

I needed something to get stains off light colored carpet in our family room. The stains are deep and the product did a good job.

– Marge B
Works better than anything else

Works better than anything else

We have tried several spot removers to get stains out of our carpet. A professional house cleaner recommended this to us. We tried it and it works better than anything else we have used.

– AZ
This product works magic!!!!!

This product works magic!!!!!

I had a few stains on my living room carpet from newspaper ink and orange pop that I tried getting out countless times with a steam cleaner, pretty much every carpet stain spray and dry powder product available at local stores and I even tried home remedies and absolutely none of these products I tried would get the stains out. Just one treatment with Spot Chomp and all those stains came up. This product works magic!!!!!

– Brad F
Best carpet cleaner

Best carpet cleaner

This is the best carpet cleaner I have ever found. Highly recommend this product.

– Mary E
Amazingly effective product

Amazingly effective product

This is an amazingly effective product with the very large bonus that there is no sense of being subjected to noxious chemical odors

– Richard S

Frequently Asked Questions

Healthier Home carpet cleaning products not only clean well, they help you maintain a healthy home environment by not leaving anything behind. Our proprietary Tetraflex™ polymer package leaves carpets barefoot clean with no chemical residue left in your carpet, no tacky residues to attract and hold onto dirt and adds stain resistance to protect your carpet in the future.

First – always test in an inconspicuous area for desired results. It is always best to treat a spill/stain immediately – improves your chance of complete cleaning. Blot excess moisture with a clean, white cloth. Then spray-target area thoroughly to ensure it is saturated. Wait 5-10 minutes then blot with a clean damp white cloth gently rubbing towards the center of the stain. Then blot with a dry, white cloth, allow to dry completely and vacuum to restore nap. Stubborn stains may require repeat applications.

Some old stains may have ‘set’ in your carpet and are permanent. Also, some carpet cleaners contain ingredients – aggressive solvents, optical brighteners and caustics - that damage your carpet making it very difficult to correct and clean. While our product is a proven stain remover we cannot guarantee results for spots already treated with unknown cleaners.

All our carpet and hard floor cleaning products are based on our original CRI carpet cleaners – the first products to ever receive the Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI) Seal of Approval. We are 100% confident these products are safe for all color-fast polyester blend and wool carpets. We guarantee our product, when used per instructions, will clean without damage.

Healthier Home is a combination of non-toxic non-ionic surfactants (soaps), a proprietary polymer package and water.

Many times people will have their carpet cleaned, everything looks great, but over time old spots seem to reappear….the stain comes back. In the carpet industry, this is known as re-soiling. This happens when a cleaning product is used on an area and cleaning residue remains behind. A cleaner’s job is to grab dirt and cleaner residue does just that – it grabs dirt off your shoes, your pet’s paws, anything it contacts. Therefore, over time, cleaned areas slowly re-soil and the old stain spots return. All Healthier Home Carpet Cleaners contain Tetraflex™, a proprietary polymer system that embrittles as it dries. This means any residue left behind after blotting dries completely and is vacuumed away – no residue left behind to grab dirt and re-soil.

Barefoot Clean means there is no residue left behind for your bare feet to step on. Tetraflex™, our proprietary polymer package, embrittles as it dries and is completely vacuumed away. No residue means nothing for your body to contact and absorb into your system. No carpet cleaning chemical residue makes yours a Healthier Home for everyone.

Healthier Home Carpet Stain Remover is safe for all water-safe fabrics but should not be used on silks or linens (not water safe). As always, test first in a hidden area for desired results. Then spray on, blot gently with a damp white cloth then blot dry with a dry white cloth.

No, Healthier Home Carpet Stain Cleaner is a ready-to-use cleaning product. Carpet cleaning machines – Steam Vacs – require highly concentrated cleaning liquids (see our Steam Vac Concentrate). Use The Carpet Stain Cleaner to pre-treat heavily soiled areas prior to using carpet cleaning machines.

Again, the answer is our proprietary polymer package - Tetraflex™. When carpet is manufactured at the mill it is treated with a stain-resist compound that, in simple terms, coats individual carpet fibers filling in any empty bonding sites so they cannot ‘take on’ added color. Tetraflex contains stain resist ingredients that adds to this protection with every use so you protect your capret as you clean.