We make powerful cleaners, safer.


Founded in 1997 as a distributor of ‘Green’ bio-based cleaning products, we evolved over the years into a manufacturer of consumer cleaning products. From the start our goal was to create products that would help our customers clean better, clean faster and clean safer. We have always specialized in innovative, safe cleaning products. We can now share our knowledge directly with you and show how well-built cleaning products can help you create a safer, healthier home environment for you, your family, your pets and our environment.


In 1921, our founder’s grandfather was a research chemist for a major US manufacturer. After conducting research on one the companies’ primary products he took his findings to the board with the recommendation the product be discontinued due to troubling health concerns related to exposure to its use and handling – symptoms he called ‘asbestosis’. He, along with his team, was promptly fired. Today, ‘asbestosis’ is known as mesothelioma and the company that fired him is long since bankrupt. His grandfather’s message from his story – ‘when you know the right thing, do the right thing’. Taking this story to heart, Peter Whinfrey founded our company as a division of his chemical manufacturing and distributing company focusing on green alternatives to conventional chemical products. He knew there would be an ever-growing need for safer cleaning technologies and wanted to start the process of making those technologies available. Now a stand-alone company, we are entirely focused on manufacturing the best and safest cleaning products possible.


Every home lies somewhere within a less-to-more toxic continuum. Using superior ingredients and technology we can help your transformation to a Healthier Home with multiple benefits for your family, kids and pets by:

  • reducing risks of being around, and using, toxic/dangerous cleaning products
  • improving your home’s indoor air quality
  • reducing allergens, skin and lung irritants in your home
  • eliminating invisible toxins that end up in your body via inhalation or skin contact
  • improving restorative sleep and, equally important…
  • saving you time


In 1990 Peter was diagnosed with macular degeneration. Since then he has served on the National Board of the Foundation Fighting Blindness and has been Chairman of the Board of The Spectrios Institute for Low Vision Rehabilitation since 2011. Peter is also the co-founder and current Vice Chairman of the Home Centered Care Institute – a local health organization dedicated to improving health care resources through in-home care. He has a dedicated interest to spreading awareness and knowledge concerning eye and general health care in our country. Along with Peter, all of us at Healthier Home Products are committed to making available to you any information about new technologies regarding various eyesight issues and improvements in health care that may be helpful to you or someone you know. We will post interesting news, breakthroughs and developments in our ‘News’ section and try to provide answers to any questions you may send in. We will also provide links to these organizations to help them spread their message and aid those looking for help with their eyes, vision and general health.