Chomp Wallpaper Stripper Bundle
Chomp Wallpaper Stripper Bundle

CHOMP Wallpaper Remover Bundle


100% Clean Guarantee

All of our products are backed by our 100% clean guarantee. If any product of ours that you have purchased does not perform as we claim, your purchase will be refunded. Plain and simple!

About This Bundle:

CITRUS BASED WALLPAPER REMOVER FORMULA SUPER CONCENTRATE 22 OZ: This handy 22oz container makes 2 gallons of ready-to-use wallpaper stripper and can re-fill trigger sprayers, be poured in garden sprayers, or used in a paint roller and tray application. Each bottle makes enough to cover approximately 800 square feet. The liquid inside has a very mild citrus scent that won’t leave a funky smell in your bathroom, living room, bedroom, or any other area in your house. No slow, messy gels in this product!

EASIEST TO APPLY: Our wallpaper remover works on all wallpaper materials and will help you to remove old wallpaper quickly. After cutting small slits into the paper with our scoring tool, mix and simply pour the liquid into a spray bottle/garden sprayer and apply it on the surface of the wall. Then you just remove the facing, reapply, and remove the backing, peeling off whatever leftovers stick to the wall with our scraper

INSTANT PENETRATION IS THE KEY: If you are looking for how to remove wallpaper fast, look no further! Our CHOMP wallpaper remover is the fastest-acting, pleasant-to-use wallpaper remover that makes even the toughest adhesive paste melt away in a snap. You don’t know what type of paste/adhesive was used on your wallpaper. While VOV is the toughest to break down, our formula is the fastest penetrating and gives you the best option. Any leftover residue won’t stand a chance against our high-quality blend of ingredients that doesn’t damage or corrode the paint on your wall

SAFE TO USE: We make our wall removal solutions with commercial strength formulas that are 5X less toxic than baby shampoos. We want you to be safe during all your projects, whether it be a DIY remodeling of your basement or a complete living room renovation. Add our wallpaper stripper renovation to your remodeling supply kit today!

MORE ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Our wallpaper striper contains 2x – 5x more active ingredients than any of the other products on the market. The bio-enzymatic is the industry’s best. Any adhesive that was used to stick the paper to the wall can peel off easily, leaving your walls cleaner, better looking and ready for paint. With the effort put into our wallpaper stripper, it’s no wonder that our cleaners are some of the best on the market! put into our wallpaper stripper it’s no wonder that our cleaners are some of the best on the market!

What’s In This Bundle:

  • 1 x World’s Best Wallpaper Stripper, 32oz spray
  • 1 x World’s Best Wallpaper Stripper, 32oz concentrate (makes 10 bottles of ready-to-use stripper)
  • 1 x Wallpaper Scraping Tool
  • 1 x Wallpaper Scoring Tool
  • 1 x Replacement Blades

Instant Penetration

WP Chomp is a new technology product that has been specifically designed to break down wallpaper pastes. Pastes can have varied formulations…WP Chomp is formulated to work on all of them. WP Chomp is free of gels and messy dyes so you can get done with your project quickly.

More Active Ingredients

WP Chomp has more active ingredients. Other products are 1 to 2 percent active. We put 2 to 3x more ingredients into the formula to give you a rich, powerful, formula – harnessed by the power of Oranges.

Safer Than Baby Shampoo

Many paint and sundry products contain high solvents and dangerous chemicals. WP Chomp is nature based, and 5 x less toxic than shampoo.

Perfect Tools For The Job

WP Chomp scorer and Scraper are designed from the top to bottom for wallpaper removal. Our scorer has the hardest steel wheels available. This provides long lasting durability, for removal of many rooms of wallpaper. Our scraper is angled to prevent gouging and has a dual sharpened steel blade to cut through stubborn wallpaper, the blades are re-sharpenable and replaceable.

Score The Wallpaper

Wallpaper is composed of two layers, the facing (a decorative, waterproof top layer) and the backing (the thin paper that is pasted to the wall). The facing must be pulled off or scored to allow WP Chomp wallpaper stripper to break down the wallpaper paste. When scoring, make circular motions on the facing. Use just enough pressure to ‘poke’ up the facing. When the entire wall is scored, it is ready for wallpaper remover application.

Spray It Thoroughly

Application can be made with a trigger spray bottle, garden sprayer or paint roller. Thoroughly soak the scored wallpaper with WP Chomp Wallpaper Stripper. Let the sprayed area ‘dwell’ for 5 minutes. This will give the remover time to penetrate the scored facing and loosening it.

Easily Scrape It Off

Using the WP Chomp Scraper, place it on the soaked backing and gently and firmly push the scraper along the loosened wallpaper backing. The loosened wallpaper will come off in large sections. After each section, wipe the blade to remove paste build-up. After the scraping process, the wall should be free of wallpaper and paste.

Easily Wipe Dry

Re-apply WP Chomp to the scraped wall and thoroughly wipe down or scour the entire wall with a sponge. This will provide a clean surface, free of residual wallpaper paste. Now your walls are ready for re-painting.

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