CHOMP Gutter Smop Replacement Mitts (2 Pack)

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"Makes Filthy Siding & Gutters Look New!"

Chomp Gutter Smop Microfiber Replacement Mitts fit our Gutter Smop Cleaning tool. Some of our customers like to have additional Mitts to use during big cleaning jobs - it's always good to have several on hand!

 Chomp Gutter Smop:

  • Fits all standard screw-on extension poles
  • Conforms to different gutter profile shapes
  • Use with CHOMP Gutter Cleaner to instantly remove black streaks / tiger striping
  • Great for cleaning windows, siding, RVs and more
  • Machine washable for multiple uses

 Gutter Smop Microfiber Mitts are part sponge, part mop... they're "smop"! 

Originally designed to allow homeowners to clean all their gutters safely from the ground, the smop is ideal for multiple, around-the-home uses. Use the smop to clean your windows, RV, boats, vinyl siding – anywhere and everywhere you need to reach and clean. All of our CHOMP cleaners, with DST Technology, free-float dirt and grime and the Smop then wipes the surface clean.

Now you can clean all of those high, hard to reach areas fast easy and safe – no ladders, no mess, no sweat!