Shower Door Magic Water Repellent (32 Oz.)

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Shower Door Magic Water Repellant will eliminate hard water stains, calcium, lime and soap scum from all of your shower surfaces with ease. This water-based, non-toxic, odorless formula is easy to apply and will last 3x longer than the average shower cleaner.

Removes Hard Water Stains Instantly


Odorless Formula


Easy to apply formula will make lif easier by preventing future stains from hard water, calcium, and soap scum.

  • Prevents hard water stains, soap scum build-up for weeks
  • Safe for all surfaces (not just glass)
  • Super easy to apply
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This unique formula works well and is safe for your family.

  • No haze or gloss - applies and dries like water
  • Breathe easy - no odor formula
  • Alcohol and solvent free/non flammable
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What People Are Saying

Results are great

Results are great

I used another product in the past – could be used on glass only - real pain to apply. I read the description on Shower Door Magic and gave it a try. Wow, so much easier to apply and so far, results are great. This is the right way to go for your shower.

– Jack T
My shower looks just cleaned for months

My shower looks just cleaned for months

I love the Shower Door Magic cleaner so thought I’d try this too. Glad I did, my shower looks just cleaned for months.

– Terri M
Works great and no bad smells

Works great and no bad smells

I tried another product and couldn’t believe the smell. I wanted to try something to keep my shower cleaner longer – we have really hard water – so gave this a try. I’m glad I did – works great and no bad smells.

– Cindy G
Weeks later my shower doors are still clean

Weeks later my shower doors are still clean

It’s so nice these days to find a product that does what it says. I just sprayed it on my shower, wiped with a wet washcloth and rinsed. Here weeks later my shower doors are still clean.

– Stan G

Frequently Asked Questions

No, while working as well as competitor’s products, Healthier Home Water Repellent is safe for any surface, easy to apply, non-flammable, and has no-odor,

It applies and dries like water.

It can be used on all hard surfaces including tile.

No fumes, it is odor free.

Our customers report zero cloudiness over years of use.

Be ready for a lot of rubbing with the other products as well as the fumes and damage they can cause to non-glass surfaces. Healthier home water repellent is super easy to apply, is odor free, can be used on any surface, will not damage any surface, and lasts for weeks.

Yes, it can.

It can be used on all surfaces including porcelain tile walls and stone.

Generally it lasts for weeks but will depend on hardness of water and number of showers. Regardless it will keep showers cleaner, longer.

Yes, it is safe for all surfaces including decorative glass.