What People Are Saying

My go-to cleaner

My go-to cleaner

"All Purpose is my go-to cleaner for everything in the kitchen – counters, cabinets, floors. It cleans everything, leaves a nice fresh scent and I know it’s safe for my kids to be around."

- Sheryl R
Like magic!

Like magic!

"This product is like magic! It removed the water spots (well water- not sure if it's water or salt from softener) from my quartz counter tops and my shower doors. I didn't think anything would ever get it off the shower doors (I've tried a lot of other products) but this worked great without a lot of hand hurting scrubbing. I put it on, let it sit for about 10 minutes and then barely had to scrub to get spots of the shower door."

- Mary
Fastest, most effective

Fastest, most effective

"The fastest, most effective spot/stain remover I've ever used. A little gentle blotting and it's gone. Sometimes, it seems literally to lift the stain off. The worst stains need two or three applications, but it gets them out, which is more than I can say for the others."

- Jack R


We know you’re busy. We also know you must clean your home. We are dedicated to helping you clean as fast and as well as possible while promoting a healthy home environment for you and your family. We have families and pets too. If our products aren’t safe enough for our homes, families and pets they aren’t safe enough for yours!

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Our Beginning

Charles Whinfrey established Producers Chemical Company in North Aurora, IL. A wholesale manufacturer and distributor of chemicals, Producers serves various businesses and industries and has grown from serving the Fox Valley area to the entire Chicago metro area. Now nearly 60 years old, Producers operates from a state-of-the-art facility in Sugar Grove, IL.


Part 2

Several years after purchasing the company from his father, Peter Whinfrey makes the strategic decision to start Producers Environmental Products to focus on developing and selling environmentally progressive alternatives to conventional chemical products. In 2002, now an independent company operating as Environmental Solutions International, we begin to manufacture and sell consumer cleaning products with a dedication to innovative technologies that make cleaning fast, easy and safe. Our original consumer cleaning product – a bio-remedial, all-purpose cleaner lab tested 5X less toxic than baby shampoo.



With nearly 20 years of experience in the consumer cleaning product market, we launch our Healthier Home site with a family of products dedicated to helping our customers make every-day cleaning tasks fast, easy and safe. Beginning with our original all-purpose cleaner, our family of products has expanded to cover nearly every cleaning task required in the modern home. From carpet to laundry, Healthier Home offers you the very best and safest way to clean in and around your home.