Our Promise

Making Powerful Cleaners…Safer:

We promise that all our products are formulated to tackle the specific cleaning task with a premium placed on user safety and creating Healthier Home Products.

Convenience vs Conscience:

We see you. Today’s families are busier than ever. Harried lifestyles mean less time is available for cleaning. At the same time, more information seems to be coming out each day about the risks of toxic exposures. This has forced an unpleasant consumer decision between selecting products that are harsher, more toxic, more effective and work faster vs safer, less toxic, less effective products that require more time and effort.

Toxic exposures:

We now know toxins are taken in by ingestions, inhalation, and skin transmission. Ingestion is easily understood but inhalation and skin contact can be subtle. Breathing misted or volatile cleaning products immediately draws chemicals into the lungs and bloodstream. This often leads to coughing spasms and toxic exposures. While skin contact is most common during use (wear gloves) it also occurs through contact with residues on hard and soft surfaces – counters, floors, carpet and clothes and more.

Three’s company:

Our Healthier Home Products solve the convenience vs conscience dilemma. First – we start with a formula that effectively handles the cleaning task. We know time is precious and cleaning fast is a must. Second, we research and use unique ingredients and chemistries that are safer than conventional, less expensive and less healthy options. We make decisions based on safety and effectiveness – not cost! Third, we always work to minimize risks associated with inhalation and skin contact.

Safe and Effective:

All Healthier Home Products are built to execute their cleaning task in a safe, non-toxic manner. Whether using our original all-purpose cleaner – lab tested 5X less toxic than baby shampoo – or our mildew stain remover – gelled to minimize airborne irritants, all our products help you create a healthier living environment.

Kid Safe, Pet Safe:

We have Kids and Pets too. By reducing exposure to cleaning toxins Healthier Home products help protect those who can’t necessarily protect themselves. If they are not safe enough for our families and homes, they certainly are not safe enough for yours.

Quality Guarantee:

We put everything we can into our products so you can get what you expect out of them. If any of our products don’t perform as we claim, your purchase will be refunded. We value every customer and want to have a long relationship with you all. We’ll do that by standing behind our products and dedicating ourselves to the best customer service we can offer.