4 Tips to Clean Your Floors Clean Even with Snow, Mud, and Other Winter Dirt

4 Tips to Clean Your Floors Clean Even with Snow, Mud, and Other Winter Dirt

Ken Arnswald |

Winter is the time of year when snow, mud, and dirt are constantly tracked into the home. It can often feel like the season when the floors are never truly clean. While this can feel daunting, it doesn’t have to stress you out all winter. In fact, there are some simple ways to get your floors clean and keep them that way. Here are four tips for winter floor cleaning.

4 Tips for Winter Floor Cleaning

Start by Preventing Messes

One of the best things you can do is to start by preventing messy floors before they start. Many winter floor messes can be prevented with a few simple steps. Spending a bit of time now will save you hours on floor cleaning. Even better, you don’t have to do a great deal to see a big change. Here are a few things to try to prevent messy floors this winter.

  • Set up a shoe station - Shoes and boots track in so much mud, snow, and mess in the winter months. In fact, most of the winter floor messes come from shoes that track messes through the home. In order to keep floors clean, start by making an area right next to the door where all shoes and boots can go. This is a good tip no matter the season of the year. If you know shoes will have snow or mud on them, it can help to have a bin where shoes can be stored.

  • Set up a storage station - This could include coat hooks, a hamper for wet winter clothes, or shelves to store items like bags. When you set up a station like this by the door it will help to avoid tracking these items throughout the home and avoid additional messes on the floor.

  • Don’t underestimate doormats - Keep a doormat by the front door to wipe down shoes before storing them. This will help to cut down on the debris left on your shoes and make it easier to clean your shoe station. If you are hoping to keep shoes clean for future uses, it can help to spray a cloth with a kid-safe all-purpose cleaner and wipe them down before storing them.

Conquer the Trouble Areas

When cleaning the house we all have areas that get messier than others. The floors are no exception to this rule. There are areas of any home where the floors see more foot traffic and are more likely to get messy. While this can be true, it doesn’t mean those areas have to stay messy. Here are a few tips for cleaning the trouble areas.

  • Start with stains - Fighting stains can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. Use a quality carpet stain cleaner to remove stains and leave floors looking fresh. Spending a few minutes on stain-fighting can help to make the area look cleaner and be easier to maintain.

  • Get rid of odors - Another thing that can make a home feel less clean is unsavory smells. Pet odors and smells from spills can quickly leave a home feeling less enjoyable. Use a 6-in-1 pet odor eliminator to remove bad smells in a way that is safe to your floors.

  • Do a deep clean - Trouble areas will often get a spot clean but will rarely see the kind of deep cleaning they need. Use a pet and eco-friendly carpet cleaner that is sure to get down to the root of the mess and remove it completely. Don’t have carpets? Use a hard floor cleaner to remove even the most stubborn messes.

Don’t Let Things Set for Later

The winter months can be busy. There are so many things on the to-do list that it can get exhausting. When seeing something spill or a new mess form it can be tempting to put it off for later. With so much to manage, that small mess might feel like it can wait. It could, but it could lead to larger messes and a bigger job later. Here are a few tips for conquering floor messes when they happen.

  • Have the proper cleaning supplies on hand - It can be a lot easier to clean a mess in the moment if you have the proper cleaning tools on hand. Make sure to have all of the different items such as a mop with a clean mop head, cleaning sprays, or a vacuum nearby to quickly clean up messes.

  • Get everyone involved - Messes compound when only one person is doing the cleaning. Get everyone in the house involved with cleaning up when a mess happens to prevent larger messes.

  • Remind yourself that it’s a quick fix to save a long problem - Messes that are removed quickly are less likely to turn into stains. It can help to remember that removing these messes when they happen will save time later fighting stains or bigger messes.

Establish a Plan for Pets

Pets who go outside to use the restroom will often track mud, snow, and other messes into the home. If your pet is trained to simply walk back into the home without stopping, they probably track messes throughout the home. You can’t give your favorite pet a bath every time they go outside. So how do you keep these messes under control? We have a few tips for you.

  • Winter booties - Winter booties are a great way to prevent dogs from being too cold while going out into the snow. They can also be removed when they come in to cut down on the amount of mess brought in from outside. It can help to have a space for these by the door to help make it part of your winter outdoor routine.

  • Train dogs to stop at the door - When a dog runs through the home, they bring countless messes to your floors. Training dogs to stop at the door when coming in allows you a moment to wipe down their paws and remove any outdoor mess from their fur and paws before they run through the rest of the house.

  • Keep cleaning tools near the door - If your dogs don’t want to stop at the door, it can help to keep a mop and a kid-safe all-purpose cleaner by the door. Simply spray the mop and quickly wipe up any messes when they happen to avoid a bigger mess later.


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