Holiday Planning: Keep Your Home Healthy and Stress-Free

Holiday Planning: Keep Your Home Healthy and Stress-Free

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The holiday season can be filled with special moments you will never forget. It can also be a time of stress. Believe it or not, even some of the simplest holiday traditions most people use can be adding to stress. So, we wanted to share how to keep your home healthy and stress free this holiday season.

How to Keep Your Home Healthy and Stress Free

When you have people over for the holidays the stress can build quickly. You will spend time counting the people coming. Then it moves to cleaning and figuring out where the messes are. Before you know it, you are incredibly overwhelmed. We want to take a deeper dive into ways you can relieve the stress and get things clean the right way.

Use an All-Purpose Cleaner

90% of the things we clean don’t need a specific cleaner. Doing things like wiping down counters, cleaning tables, or cleaning out the refrigerator can be done with a quality all-purpose cleaner. Using an all-purpose cleaner that is pH Neutral will allow you to clean surfaces without damaging them. You will also want one with a natural scent involved as the aroma therapy can help to reduce your stress level as you clean.

5 Ways to Use an All-Purpose Cleaner:

  1. Countertops and stove tops - Use an all-purpose cleaner to wipe down counters, under all small appliances, and in all of the areas of your stove top. It can also help to remove everything from the counters for a good quality wipe down weekly.

  2. Cabinets - All-purpose cleaners are perfect for cleaning down the insides and outsides of cabinets. Before the holidays, it can be helpful to clean out all cabinets, wipe them down well, and then return items as needed.

  3. Walls - Ceilings and walls can be a common location for dust and dirt to collect. Use an all-purpose cleaner with a wall cleaning rag or wall mop.

  4. Toys - Many toys small children play with can be a spot where dirt and germs live. Create a solution of 1 part all-purpose cleaner and 4 parts water to soak all washable toys. For those that can’t be soaked, use a rag to wipe them down using this solution.

  5. Ornaments and decorations - When pulling out ornaments and holiday decorations it can be wise to wipe them down with an all purpose cleaner to remove dust from when they were stored throughout the year.

Cleaning the Refrigerator

When you have issues such as baked on foods, using oven cleaners can be dangerous. Many oven cleaners on the market are filled with toxic ingredients. These include caustic chemicals your family should not be exposed to. When cleaning out the oven, you want to opt for a water based cleaner that is safe for your family. Make sure you choose a cleaner free of caustic chemicals to avoid health issues related to oven cleaning.

5 Tips for Cleaning the Refrigerator:

  1. Remove everything in the refrigerator - During the holiday season life can get busy and it can be easy to skip cleaning items out of the refrigerator. Take some time to remove all items so you can find any hidden spills or messes.

  2. Take out all removable shelves - When cleaning the refrigerator, remove all of the removable shelves and drawers. Take them to the sink and wash them with a safe cleaner. Let them dry completely before returning them.

  3. Wipe down the inside of the refrigerator - Use an all-purpose cleaner to wash down the inside of the refrigerator while the shelves and drawers are drying. Make sure to wash areas like the ceiling and back wall of the refrigerator too.

  4. Place down easily removable barriers - Before putting everything back in the refrigerator, put down shelf liners to catch any spills and simplify future cleanings.

  5. Defrost the freezer - When cleaning the refrigerator, don’t forget to take the time to defrost and clean the freezer. Take time to wipe down all surfaces and throw out any food that has expired.

Do a Holiday Declutter

When planning to make the home cleaner and healthier for the holidays, taking some time to declutter can change things in big ways. While clutter isn’t always a mess, it can be a place for dirt and dust to hide. Clutter can also get in the way during the holidays when gifts come in and more items need a place to go. Taking some time to clean out clutter can help you to keep the home cleaner. Here are some tips for a holiday declutter.

5 Ways to Declutter Before the Holidays:

  1. Do a toy cleanout - Children can easily get an over-abundance of toys. During the holiday season it can be beneficial to take some time to clean out some of the toys that are no longer played with. This will make room for gifts while giving children less to clean, and best yet, you can get your kids involved in the cleaning!

  2. Purge excess clothing - Clothing clutter can be overwhelming and it can require more time spent on laundry then is really needed. Take some time to remove any clothes you can no longer fit or don’t wear. Donate these to a local charity as a way to give back.

  3. Clean out the pantry - Food clutter can be a struggle for some. Take some time before holiday baking to clean out the pantry. Remove all food that either won’t be eaten or has expired.

  4. Remove excess décor- Is it time to refresh your décor in the house? This can be a great time to take down items you no longer need so that you have less to clean. This could include knick-knacks, wreaths, photo frames, and other items that collect dust and involve time cleaning.

  5. Deal with paper clutter - Paper clutter can be a huge source of dust and dirt. Take some time to throw away papers you no longer need. For papers you need to keep, file them away instead of letting them sit out. By removing this excess paper clutter, you will have less to clean.

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