How to Disinfect After Home Quarantine

How to Disinfect After Home Quarantine

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Currently, several states are still encouraging residents to stay-at-home, and many are finding themselves also under a home quarantine trying to treat illnesses. If you are one of those people, you might be asking how you disinfect your living area once you are symptom-free.

Healthier Home Products’ Ken Arnswald has specific advice on how to clean your home quickly and efficiently and how to be sure the rest of your family will stay safe.

Stuck in the Bedroom

When you are sick, you are usually lying in bed for extended periods. The respiratory tract can be swollen and irritated and you tend to get that “stuffy” feeling. The air in the room can begin to feel stagnant, and even the bedding feels not so good.

All of that makes sense as there probably hasn't been much airflow and you’ve been in that same bed sweating and shedding skin cells. Sound familiar? That stale, stagnant air coupled with the usual dust and allergen loads present on the walls, the floors, and the rest of the furniture can add to the irritation.

It’s this irritation and respiratory swelling that makes breathing harder and reduces your ability to have fully restorative sleep. After several weeks of this, it can even affect your mental attitude.

So how do you flip this around?

The One-Hour Room Refresher

After you are feeling better, and in many cases, the symptoms have disappeared, your quarantined living area will benefit from what we call a One-Hour Room Refresher.

Start with your bedding

Of course, you know to wash your bed sheets and covers, but have you ever thought to vacuum the mattress to suck up those dead skin cells? In addition, spraying the mattress with a cool essential oil bedding treatment provides a natural way to eliminate dust mites. Be sure to use a plant-based laundry detergent that will make your bedding look and feel softer without toxic chemical or fabric softeners.

Clean your other bedroom furniture

If made of plastic or hardwood, be sure to wipe the furniture with an all-purpose cleaner going over all exposed surfaces. If your furniture is plush, be sure to vacuum it for dead skin cells, dust mites, and then treat with essential oils.

Remember the floors

Floors should be vacuumed and then cleaned with an all-purpose cleaner, specific to the material. Dust and bacteria can settle on the floor mixing with the dirt shoes or feet can bring in.

Eliminate dust and allergens from the walls

A wall wand is an easy way to quickly freshen up your walls and eliminate odors and unwanted particles. Again, any coughing might have coated your walls with undesirable bacteria.

Open the windows

Finally, don’t underestimate the cleaning power of fresh air. Open your windows and let the fresh air in for several hours if possible.

The Pay Off

At the end of the hour, your room will be cleaner, smell fresher, and be free of the irritants and nasty chemicals that can irritate your respiratory tract and rob you of restorative sleep. A cleaner room will help you feel better physically and mentally and have you looking forward to your night’s sleep in a refreshed bedroom.

Plus, you will know that your family will be safer after you are symptom-free and ready to rejoin your household.

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