The Ultimate Fall Honey-Do Checklist

The Ultimate Fall Honey-Do Checklist

Ken Arnswald |

The season of autumn is upon us. It brings with it the return of football, pumpkin everything, and campfires. While these are all fabulous ways to spend your autumn, it’s also a great time to catch up on winter preparation tasks. Autumn is the prequel to colder months and the perfect time to handle the winter-prep to-dos. We have put together an Autumn Honey-Do checklist to help you get ready for winter.

Autumn Honey-Do Checklist

Clean the Gutter and the Siding

The fall months bring the falling leaves and leave the roof and gutters filled with debris. Autumn is the perfect time to thoroughly clean the gutters and the roof. It will help you to avoid larger messes when the snow melts. Even better, it’s a simple task to take on with the right tools. Here are a few tips for cleaning the gutters and the roof:

  • Use the Clean Gutter Bundle to fully clean gutters - Cleaning the gutters can feel like a daunting task. It can also be a dangerous task if it is not handled safely. The gutter cleaner and extendable pole are perfect for reaching higher areas without worrying about getting a ladder. Ladder falls are dangerous and using the clean gutter bundle will help you avoid falls of this kind.

  • Clean the siding - Using the world’s best gutter/siding cleaner will help you to break down the stuck-on particulates on the siding. Taking the time to clean down the siding before winter hits will help to avoid further damage to the siding.

  • Inspect gutters for wear and tear - If there are any damaged areas on the gutters, it is important to take the time to repair these issues. Spending some time to make sure that the gutters are clear of debris and flow freely away from the home will help you a great deal in the future.

Make Sure All Heating Equipment is Fully Functional

Heading into the winter months means heading into cooler months as well. It is incredibly important to have the heat working well. Spending time to check all heating equipment for any needed repairs is essential. While it may seem like a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few things to keep in mind when preparing for winter:

  • Have your HVAC system checked by a professional - Take the time to have an HVAC professional come out and check your HVAC system. They will be able to give you a list of tasks to complete to keep the system working well through the winter months.

  • Seal cracks and any areas where drafts may come in - It can be a big help to your overall heating costs to take time to seal drafts. Use caulk to fill in these gaps. Before filling gaps, use an all-purpose cleaner sprayed on a cloth to wipe down all dust and dirt from the area.

  • Clean the fireplace and make sure all safety parts are in working order - If the fireplace has not been used since the last cool season, it may not be fully clean and ready for use. Take some time to make sure all parts of the fireplace are working the way that they should before using it during the cooler months of the year and replace parts if needed.

Make Sure Your Home is Fire Safe

With the winter months come cooler days that require more heating. While heating tools are helpful, they can be safety issues without certain precautions. Taking some time to make sure your house is fire safe will let you enjoy your winter feeling safe. There are a few simple things you can do to prepare for winter. Here are a few ways to get your home fire safe:

  • Install smoke/carbon monoxide alarms in your home - With the potential risk of fire, it can help to take some time to install alarms. These alarms will help your family to sleep well knowing that they will be alerted to any issues. Spend some time looking up how many you should have for the space in your home.

  • Clean out dryer ductwork - Dryer vents can fill with lint that would be a higher risk of a fire. Take some time to use the proper drill tool to fully clean all dryer vents of lint. It is important to do this before heading into the winter months.

  • Check appliance wires - Appliances can be a source of fire if their cords or wires are damaged. Taking the time to check all appliances before heading into winter can be a big help.

  • Clean the oven completely - Use a kitchen and home cleaner/degreaser to remove stuck-on grease and other oven messes that could cause a fire. It can help to clean inside the oven, on the stove top, and along the sides of the oven as well.

Empty the Pool and Prepare Faucets

Areas like the pool, sprinklers, and faucets can freeze in winter. Spending some time properly shutting these down can help to avoid expensive problems later. While some of this can be hired out, there are things you can do yourself. It doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task though. Here are a few simple things to do to prepare pools and faucets for winter.

  • Fully drain and prepare the pool for winter - This is a good time to empty the pool of water and take the time to make sure all pool equipment is in working order before heading into the winter months.

  • Drain the line for sprinkler systems - Sprinkler systems can freeze and pipes can break over the winter. Take the time to fully empty these lines and check for any damage to the sprinkler system.

  • Turn off water to outdoor faucets - Water expands when it freezes and it can damage the pipes. Take some time to turn off the water and then empty the line. You don’t have to fully empty it. The goal is to provide enough space in the pipes for the remaining water to expand without damaging pipes.

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