Eco-Friendly Bedding And Indoor Pest Spray Bundle

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Bed bugs exist. There's no doubt about it.

You might think that they are only in hotels you travel to, but they are even in your own home. How? Well...studies shows that if your sheets are between one and 20 years old, they could contain upwards of 16 species of fungus at any given time.

Combine that with nightly sweat and other body fluids (yuck) and you've got yourself a breeding space for dust mites, dander, and lots of other respiratory irritants that can leave you feeling stuffy, itchy, and just plain blegh!

Enter Healthier Home Products bedding spray. It smells great, and we aren't just saying that about ourselves. We tested this product over a year with some of the world's top influencers and it came back with RAVE reviews. We developed this product using only the safest, cleanest, yet most-effective ingredients on the planet to not only ensure that your family, pets, and children are safe, but that the product actually works like the Dickens.

This essential oil-based product is our most powerful weapon against pests and is safe to use around kids and pets. We've combined the best of both worlds - safety and effectiveness - to give you the peace of mind you deserve. So please don't wait any longer, pick up our Eco-Friendly Bedding & Indoor Pest Spray today, and say goodbye to pesky pests for good!

This Bundle Includes:

  • One (1) Bedding/Indoor Pest Spray: Ready to Use (24 fl. oz)

  • One (1) Bedding/Indoor Pest: Concentrate (24 fl. oz.) (makes 3 bottles of the Ready-to-Use Spray)

  • Two (2) Travel Bedding/Indoor Pest Spray: Ready to Use (3.4 fl. oz.) (airport security size approved for liquids)

All products are made in the USA from naturally-derived ingredients and are safe for use around babies, children, and pets when used as directed.

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