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CHOMP! Pull It Out Concrete Oil Stain Remover is the industry's leading solution for effortlessly lifting tough oil and petroleum-based stains from porous surfaces like concrete and brick. Its deep penetrating formula is safe, devoid of harmful chemicals like bleach and acid, making it a secure choice for tackling stains on driveways, garage floors, and more. Designed for simplicity and versatility, this cleaner uses poultice technology to draw out stains, offering an easy-to-use solution that enhances the appearance and value of your home or business. Whether facing transmission fluid stains on your driveway or grease on your parking lot, CHOMP! Pull It Out ensures a clean, stain-free surface without compromising safety or convenience.

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  • Will this work on colored concrete?

    Hi Sam,

    Yes the product can be used on colored concrete. First step is always to test first in an inconspicuous area to ensure cleaning and next steps.

  • Sir, Will this work on Travertine tiles? Our covered patio and pool areas are paved with Travertine. Only under the patio are we getting a weird type of mold. It's kind of greenish, with some blk and browns. I've tried using bleach, alone with "mold removal" products...even muriatic acid, but nothing will remove the stains/discoloration. PLEASE advise!! Thanks, Quentin Wilson

    Dear Quentin, 1) Green and black in shaded areas sounds like organic growth, ie mold/mildew/algae. 2) Pull it Out is not designed to remove mildew stains from travertine. 3) never use acidic products on travertine. Travertine is calcium based and acids will permanently etch the surface. 3) assuming this is organic growth, bleach should oxidize the stain. This may be a stain called Gloeocapsa magma, which is a hearty algae that often grows on shaded roofs and feeds on limestone. A picture would help or call in and we will try to help.

  • Will it remove spray paint?

    Pull it Out concrete oil stain remover is not designed to remove spray paint.

  • Where is this product being shipped from and if outside the United States, where?

    Our company is located in Batavia, IL and all orders ship from that same location.

  • Do you have a money back guarantee? Also does it work on hydrolic fluid spills?

    Hi Jake, 

    PIO is a deep penetrating, liquid absorbent that is designed to work on a variety of oil based stains on concrete, including oil, brake fluid, hydraulic fluid, etc. Its important to understand that concrete has many variables that affect how the concrete accepts or releases a stain or in fact if the stain is permanent. The density, finish etc all can affect removal. PIO is a high powered surfactant chemistry that breaks down/ emulsifies the oil stain and a liquid absorbent that draws the loosened oil from the subsurface. The first and most important step is to test PIO on a small (quarter size) spot to determine next steps. Best used when temperature is between 50-90 degrees. 1) remove as much debris as possible 2) shake well 3) pour a quarter size drop on the test area. 4) let dry. It will look like chalk when dry. 5) agitate with a stiff brush. 6) If satisfied move on to entire area. 
    If after testing the oil stain has not been fully lifted. it is one of two reasons. The stain driven deeply into the subsurface  or the stain has not been emulsified. Stains that have been sitting  for a long time, under heat or been pressure washed can penetrate deeply into the subsurface. These stains are often permanent. If the stain has hardened, pretreat in a separate step. Apply degreaser, Agitate with a stiff brush. Apply PIO to the wet, pretreated area as per directions 2-6 above.

  • Can it be sold in California

    All of our products can be sold in California.