Wallpaper Scoring Tool

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  • Makes scoring wallpaper fast and easy 
  • Hardened steel ‘shark teeth’ cutting wheels – 50% stronger than competitive tools - for longer life and more uses
  • Lightweight, easy grip design
  • Perforates paper without damaging walls
  • Nylon pivot arm great for thin and thick paper scoring

CHOMP Wallpaper Scoring Tool is designed to make wallpaper removal easier. To get to the paste/adhesive that holds wallpaper onto the wall you need to penetrate the protective, water resistant outer layer first. To do this you either peel off the top layer or score it with our scoring tool. When used in a circular motion, the interlocking wheels make shallow perforations in the wallpaper facing. This allows our World’s Best Stripper to penetrate through the backing to the paste/adhesive where it begins to soften /loosen the paste at which time the backing can be easily scraped / pulled off. Properly done, entire rooms can be scored in minutes with little effort or damage to your walls.