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Love Healthier Home Products

I love “chomping” my home!! From the degreaser to the wall cleaner to the bathroom bundle (especially love the grout cleaner and brush) to the all purpose cleaner, carpet and hardwood floor cleaners my house smells so clean and fresh! The mountain meadow scent is awesome!! Even recommend to my sister who loves them as much as I do!!

Excellent products

Both the carpet and hard floor deliver on it's promise. Does eliminate odors! Concentrate lasts along time.

Let’s not overhype the scent

This works as well as others have said, but I’m not sure why everyone is going on about the scent. It has a very industrial cleaner smell to me (like what you might smell in a school or office building). Walks the line between pleasant/unpleasant and is very strong, especially in a small space like a bathroom.

Great Stuff!

Bought the wall cleaning bundle to start a while ago and the spray is great and smells so good. Gets everything clean, I mean everything! I use it on the walls, hand rails, baseboards, window sills, door frames, and doors. Love it, just ordered 3 more bottles!

Super cleaner

awesome product. Light elbow grease needed sometimes

Holiday cleaner does not smell like the holidays

This review is about the holiday cleaner specifically. To me this just smells like baby power. It doesn’t smell like the holidays at all. I was expecting a strong fir and or cinnamon smell - not baby powder

Can you please help me with SDS for this item??

The Best!!

OMG this is the best degreaser I have ever tried… Thank you for such a great product!! Smells Wonderful Too!!

Smells good! Cleans well!

Oh it smells so good! I have the wall washing set and am ordering another bottle of the cleanser. It truly cleans well.

This Works!

I needed a pest spray that I felt good about using in my home around my children and while traveling. I was worried this spray wouldn’t be effective, but it totally works! Highly recommend!


Tried this product out and LOVE IT. Not only is is safe for my son and dog, who inevitably end up snuggling in bed with us too, but it’s effective! We love the travel size too - puts me at ease when we stay in hotels.

First to try and glad I did

I saw this product come on as new to the company and few like I’m first to try it. Smells amazing like peppermint and I am taking the travel side with me on a plane in a week. Will report back. Wow.

LOVE it!!

This product is wonderful! It saves my back from being bent over, cleaning the shower tile grout. The bristles are very stiff which means I don’t have to push super hard which always ended up hurting my arms and hands. The handle swivels, it’s not stationary, which is beneficial when getting into different areas of the grout lines.
Highly recommend!

Awesome stuff!!

I clean houses for a living. I have tried many different products and I must say everything I've tried from here has done better than anything else I've used. I would recommend these products to everyone. Keep up the good work! Also love the sents!!!


Exactly what I needed! So easy to use and smells great! Worked miracles on my walls!

Love it

Amazing product and works as described especially on the grill.

Lemongrass laundry detergent pods

I love them, I love lemongrass

Clean Grout Bundle
Cheryl Woods
Excellent product

The grout in-between the tile in my spare bedroom looked awful, but after using your product and scrubbing the grout with the brush in the bundle, the tile looks almost brand new! I also used the cleaner to scrub the walls in my bedroom--amazing results! I really like this product!

Great Product

I love this floor cleaner. It does a fantastic
job as a cleaner, brings the shine back to my floors, eliminates dog odors and definitely has no chemical residue. I also like the fact I can use it on every type of hard flooring I have in the house. Looking forward to trying the carpet cleaning products

The BEST Bundle ever!

This is hands down the best cleaning bundle around! With 2 toddlers running around, lots of messes, and never ending laundry, I can clean literally everything in my home and not worry about harmful toxins! Love that! Such a great value and makes cleaning even the annoying stuff like grout, baseboards, or grease actually easy! If you have a home, you need this bundle!

I hate cleaning and I still cleaned my whole house

I normally hire a cleaning service to come about once a month, but I’ve been trying to cut back on expenses so I decided to give this a try. I’m happy to say how easy it was to clean everywhere, and embarrassed about how much I’ve spent on the cleaning crews. Never again!

Saw webinar - got this - GTG

I watched a webinar where they offered this product and it was very clear that the value was there. Saved $80, which works for me. I have tried the other products before and they are great. Reall like to be able to switch out the head thingees.

Wonderful product

Love your products. They work.....

This stuff is great!

I was so impressed by this product I created a video review here:

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