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Great Product

I bought it about a month ago and just used it for the 1st time 5/13/22.. I love it and it works great,but I used my own products at home even tho I bought some of their cleaning spray. You will not be disappointed with it and I can reach places that I would usually have to stand on a step stool to reach. Buy it cause it’s worth every dime.


It’s perfect! After washing the blue mop some of the blue things fell out.


How easy it is to dust and clean walls,ceiling and dust baseboards.

Customer service

My order came in a box that was open on one end. Once I contacted customer service, they immediately replaced the mission products. Excellent! Very happy.

Worked exactly like advertised

Grout was I kid you not it's almond (because that is the color it is supposed to be). Stinkin' crazy. Smells like clean clothes. #epic

Been using for two months - clothes look great

Used this product for my son who is a smelly teenager. No joke works like a charm. Clothes that he has had for years look like they are brand new, but the best part is the smell. Not too overpowering and really nice. We like the lemongrass best.

Best laundry detergent I’ve ever used!

I LOVE the lemongrass smell! And my laundry just feels cleaner than it did when I used traditional detergents.

Great cleaner!

This cleaning product is awesome. Does exactly what is advertised will be purchasing more!

The wall cleaning system has worked wonderfully! I had sticky and greasy hand prints all over my walls from two small boys. I was able to tackle most of the spots in my house in one afternoon. Thanks for saving my walls!

Clean Gutter Bundle
Jeff Toovey

Clean Gutter Bundle


I bought this to get rid of the black streaks on my gutters. My husband thought it was going to be one of "my Facebook finds" and a waste of money. You literally just wipe on with the smop and rinse off. I can't believe the results
It truly is just like the pictures/video. Well worth the money and will definitely be buying more. Wish I would have taken before and after pictures to show how well it works.

Best Purchase

I cleaned my whole apartment as soon as I got this and it worked great! It's easy to get into hard to reach and tall places, and the cleaner it comes with smells good. Highly recommend.

Works great!

So many toddler handprints easily erased from my walls thanks to this cleaner! I love the smell of the spray. The fingerprints came off so easy without leaving a weird residue or steaks behind.

5 Minute CleanWalls Multi-use Mop

Love this mop I own a cleaning service it made the job of cleaning wall more detailed and saved time.

Microfiber Cloths (pack of two)

So clean!

Love the duster and spray- really got at all the walls, particularly along the stairs where my kids drag their hands.

If you have pets, YOU need this in your life!

I didn't believe in the ads, nor the promises. What I believe in was the money back guarantee, so I took a chance and I am so glad that I did. This stuff does the job. I've used it on my vinyl floors, wood cabinets, and painted walls without any issues. It passed the black light test to make sure the urine was really gone, it was, it just needed to sit for a few minutes. So glad I took a chance.

Fast and easy

I'm hooked! Best cleaning product out there.


I’ll give this product an A+++. Smells great too. Just need a bigger bottle.

I made a mistake and only ordered replacement mitts. I need the mop but don't want to pay 50.00 for mop only.

a very good liquid

it is so good that I recommend it and will buy it again


This is exactly what I have been looking for. Thank you thank you thank you

Wall washer head

The 5 min spray is great the only issue I had was when trying to wash my ceiling the washer head kept moving around and wouldn't stay the way I put it. Other than that the product was great.

4-in-1 Kitchen & Home Cleaner Degreaser Concentrate

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