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Happy again

I am so impressed with the lineup from Healthier Home! While the wall spray is my favorite product, I have not been disappointed in anything I've tried. I have been searching for a natural detergent that actually works, and am so pleased with these pods.

Excellent product. Everyone I give it to buys it.

Overall good product

No complaints. Would love more strength on getting out set-in stains. Would also love more strength in the sents.

Dorm Room LOVE! 💚

I picked up this bundle for my son's dorm room. The entire building has that unmistakable gym locker scent, but his room is a total winner! The laundry pods have been a game-changer for him, especially since it's his first venture into independent laundry duty. Now, all his roommates are eyeing those laundry packs! I'm already planning to get these as holiday gifts.

Love it!

I really only had time to try this out on one wall…but before I knew it, had done almost the whole upstairs! Loved how well it worked and couldn’t stop!

Gutter cleaner

Just tried the Chomp gutter cleaner with the Smop, which fit my extension pole. I must say that this stuff really lives up to the billing. The Smop gets in all the gutter contours. When I rinsed off the soapy gutters, they were like new. Very pleased.

New summer scent

How would you describe the new Summer Scent Spray Cleaner? What does it smell like?

Super Product

I had a lawn tractor leak oil on my garage floor. The garage iis heated during the winter time so it is no colder than 53 degrees F. (I don't know how well this product would work on outside concrete in an Iowa winter.) Chomp removed the oil stains completely. It's a great product that does as advertised.


This is the best I ever use far as wall cleaner, I will definitely be order again and can't wait to try the other products!

The BEST I’ve ever used!!!!

These products are AMAZING! It’s taken years to find something that doesn’t mess with our skin and lungs. Will never stop using them!

The best all around cleaning solution ever

Not only can I clean all my floors and walls the smell once I've finished is truly amazing! I'm also huge on 'eco-friendly' products and the laundry cleaner lets my do my bit! Perfect for someone looking to clean their house from top to bottom and do their bit for the planet ( And it makes my clothes smell AMAZING!

Stain remover

Worked well getting oil stains out of a brick fireplace but it did leave a bit of white residue behind that will likely fade over time. It did say that could happen. Overall satisfied

Actually seems to work

Used this a couple times so far removing oil stains and it actually worked! I was shocked. I had tried a couple other products in the past that didn't work at all. So far, this item has done well.


I had an old jeep sitting in the driveway and was hardly driven. I didn't realize there was a slow oil leak. After 2 months I moved the car and noticed the leak and what a mess it had made on my concrete pavers. I applied the solution and waited a couple of hours till it dried up. Used a wire brush and the oil was completely gone. Hosed the driveway and there was no sign of any oil. Great product.


The only thing I know that really removes old oil stains from a concrete driveway. Only problem is you have to use a lot of it multiple times! Be prepared to order multiple bottles!

Suppose you are like me then you are attached to your old faithful truck

Suppose you are like me then you are attached to your old faithful truck. The only problem is that old trucks tend to leak here and there. Mine is like most and started leaking from the gearbox and made a massive mess in my driveway. Being that I live in an HOA community that's a huge problem. I used many products with my powerwasher to remove the stain. I will not say it didn't lighten up a little but it didn't remove it. CHOMP Concrete Oil Stain Remover: Pull It Out was a game changer. I put the product on and spread it with a brush, let it dry and the next day the stain is gone or drastically lightened up. Some tough old stains might take two applications. then you can just brush it away and remove the rest of the residue with water or rain.

A fabulous product

Definitely a game changer


Used this to help dad clean up oil in the garage. Came up instantly after following the instructions

Cleaned the oil spots completely.

I applied this and waited until the next day to remove it. It swept up easily and did not leave a residue. The oil stains were completely gone. One review I read said that it left a white spot. I think that it looks white because it not only gets rid of the oil but all the other accumulated dirt and gunk. That part of the driveway is then so much cleaner than the rest that it looks like a white spot. Several days later the spot started to fade as it got dirty again.



Disappointing performance

First of all, this size bottle is hardly enough to cover an oil spill of any kind. The best you can do is drizzle it around. It does something, since you can see it react with the oil, but it sure doesn't clean it up. You would need at least 3-4 times this amount to do anything at all.

Oil remove but the white chemical remained as spot , whirred

White spot remained which is to remove

very effective

Loved the ease of use.

Wow..just wow

I am not gonna lie, I have been trying to remove the dirt from the gutters with soap and clorox and the dirt or stains and never never came off. I was a lil hesitant about this product but decided to give it a try it and WOW. I just soaked a cloth and it took only one swipe and boom sparkly clean, I didn't even have to fight or scrub to remove the stains, 1st aplication did the trick. I am definitely doing the whole house today lol. Worth the money. Please buy you won't regret.

Stains gone!

Works great on new concrete stains. You have to reapply on old ones.

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