Everyday Wall Cleaner 1
Everyday Wall Cleaner 3
Everyday Wall Cleaner 2
5-Minute CleanWalls 4-In-1 Everyday Cleaner
5-Minute CleanWalls 4-In-1 Everyday Cleaner
5-Minute CleanWalls 4-In-1 Everyday Cleaner
Everyday Wall Cleaner 1

5-Minute CleanWalls 4-In-1 Everyday Cleaner

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100% Clean Guarantee

All of our products are backed by our 100% clean guarantee. If any product of ours that you have purchased does not perform as we claim, your purchase will be refunded. Plain and simple!

5 Minute CleanWalls 4-in-1 Everyday Cleaner is an eco-friendly spray that’s tough on dirt, but easy on paint. This product lets you safely refresh any room by gently cleaning painted walls, ceilings and baseboards. Our patented deodorizer and fresh-meadow scent will eliminate odors caused by pets, bodies, cooking, nicotine and more. CleanWalls will instantly improve indoor air quality by eliminating dust, cobwebs and allergens from your home in minutes. Use our custom “CleanWalls Mop and Wand™” to easily clean those hard-to-reach areas.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Rachel Hurley
Let’s not overhype the scent

This works as well as others have said, but I’m not sure why everyone is going on about the scent. It has a very industrial cleaner smell to me (like what you might smell in a school or office building). Walks the line between pleasant/unpleasant and is very strong, especially in a small space like a bathroom.

Smells good! Cleans well!

Oh it smells so good! I have the wall washing set and am ordering another bottle of the cleanser. It truly cleans well.

Fast and easy

I'm hooked! Best cleaning product out there.

Shonda Stephens

I bought this after using it in my home for the hotel I run. It works amazing!

Love it

I absolutely love this product! It’s amazing works great and I love the fresh clean smell when Im done. Getting ready to order my second bottle and see what other cleaning products are available through this company.

Debra Kline

This is a SUPERB product❣️AND……..after using the house smells SO clean and fresh, making EVERY OUNCE OF EFFORT AND ENERGY well worth it❣️

Jeanette Flores

I bought this from an ad on fb thinking ok what the heck let’s see if the hype is true ok it totally is so worth it. I now have hired a cleaning lady who tells me this is so awesome she loves using it and is telling her cleaning lady friends.

Crista Ulmer

I love this cleaner it removes all stains with little effort and great lingering clean smell… it’s worth it! (Mom of 2 small kids)

Heather Fogleman

I love it! Cleaned my walls perfectly! Stuff I couldn't get off for years I was able to get off. Thank you guys so much for making this! Will get more when I'm out.

Donecia Washington

Omg this product is great ! My kids had a whole art project on my wall and it came off with a few wipes. I love it, definitely recommend 10/10

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