Kid Safe, Pet Safe 5-In-1 All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate, 32 oz.

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100% Clean Guarantee

All of our products are backed by our 100% clean guarantee. If any product of ours that you have purchased does not perform as we claim, your purchase will be refunded. Plain and simple!

Make 10 bottles with just 1 bottle of super-concentrated all-purpose cleaner! Just add water to your favorite spray bottle and you’re all set! Clean your healthier home with the safest, most versatile all-purpose cleaner on the planet. Our naturally-scented citrus aroma is derived from real orange peels and is safe to use on any washable surface. This powerful cleaner is safe to use around your kids and pets.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Ann Marie Zeimetz

So, I have always been a Clorox wipe or bleach person for cleaning until I had a baby. I really didn’t want toxic chemicals around the house, especially when little one touches every single thing we own. I kept my hopes low so that I wouldn’t be disappointed but this product is insane!!! I couldn’t believe how well it cleaned. It took stains out of things that have been there (because other products didn’t work) for over a year. I’m super pleased and will hands down buy this product from now on!

Lorrie Domack


Gracie Gilmore

This is a great product!! I highly recommend it!

Darlene Goodwin

What an amazing product!!It smells very fresh and non irritating. I am thrilled to find a product that does not trigger an asthma response so I can use it freely, all over my home. It made my granite countertops shine, took the grime off my kitchen backsplash, and was effective everywhere I used it. This will become a staple in my cleaning arsenal, replacing several store cleaners, that I won't be purchasing anymore. I can't wait to try all of your products. You have made me a believer.. thanks!!

Tina Sporlein

The best degreaser I have ever used and smells great!!

Kylee massey

I had no idea my walls were that dirty and this smells so good. I got online to get more.

Cindy Siragusa

Had no idea that there was that much dirt on the walls? Works great and smells fantastic!

Tamara Koivunen

My walls are clean, and smells great!

Michelle Herrera

Spray, let sit and simply wipe away. This is my second bottle and won’t be my last.

Karen Ann Layne

I love it. It has a fresh citrus scent. Not too heavy and perfumey Just smells clean. Cleans great too The day my order came in I realized I had not picked up a new spray bottle at the store. When I opened the box an empty bottle and two spray nozzles were included. I was pleasantly surprised.

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