3 Ways Healthier Home Products is Helping to Save the World

3 Ways Healthier Home Products is Helping to Save the World

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Earth Day is a time when many people take time to evaluate how they are helping the planet. Making environmentally-conscious decisions should be a year-round habit, but April provides an opportunity to put thought into your daily routine. Take stock of what you’ve been doing and find new ways to improve. The good news is, Healthier Home Products is happy to help you save the earth with a few simple changes. From saving you time and money to providing zero-waste laundry detergent, your shortcut to honoring the planet just got a lot easier.

Cleaning Changes to Help Save the World

How Does Your Laundry Impact the World?

Did you know that laundry can be incredibly harmful to the environment? It does this in two ways: breaking down your clothes and secondly the detergent itself.

Many of today’s clothes are synthetically produced, and plastics and petroleum are among some of the ingredients used to produce them. So, when your clothes are washed with a harsh detergent, the material begins to break down, sending those harmful plastic and petroleum products right into the water systems!

Secondly, many of today’s traditional laundry detergents contain microbeads and come in large, wasteful jugs. Pair that with all the hot water your washer uses to clean, and it really drives up your carbon footprint and energy bill!

Fortunately, by switching to a better-for-the-environment laundry cleaner (one that is tough on stains but still safer-for-the ocean), you can help make the planet a better, cleaner place. Here are some benefits by making the switch to Healthier Home Products’ Zero Waste Laundry Detergent Packs:

  • Zero waste - we mean it! - One of the biggest contributors to plastic waste is traditional laundry soap. The containers the laundry soap is found in, the pods the soap comes in, and even the chemical make-up of the soap can lead to more plastic waste. Instead, our zero-waste laundry packs come in a recyclable cardboard box and use a revolutionary packaging that reduces the microplastic footprint. Everything about this product is designed specifically with the oceans in mind.

  • Save on your energy bill - Part of our engineering for this product was to help you save money, too. It is perfect for clothing and fabric of all types and is especially good in cold water cleaning and quick wash cycles.

  • See your clothes last longer - The temperature of the water and the length of time in the wash cycle will also contribute to the rate of the breakdown of clothing. In cooler temperatures, molecules move slower and don’t break up as much. Shorter wash cycles also mean less time for clothes to wear down. This will also prevent the clothing from shedding micro-plastics into the washer for much longer. Plus, this formula is designed to make your whites whiter and help your colors stay more vibrant.

  • Ditch the dryer sheets - Dryer sheets are often filled with chemicals that are unhealthy to the planet and break down clothing over time. Instead of using the dryer sheets, try using wool dryer balls. Dry your clothes faster and reuse them over and over again. These laundry balls save energy, are a great alternative to chemical fabric sheets, and are reusable! By switching to a reusable product you are cutting down on the waste found in landfills which is a huge contribution towards caring for your planet.

Does Cleaning the Floors and Walls Damage the Environment?

You might not think of your wall and floor cleaning routines as damaging to the earth. After all, you’re just getting rid of dust and grime. Cleaning these areas can actually have a far-reaching impact on the planet. This is because many of the floor cleaning solutions and products are disposable and packed with harmful chemicals. Here are a few ways to change up your floor and wall cleaning routines:

  • Get rid of disposable cleaning tools - Many companies will promote disposable cleaning tools, mops, and mop heads that are single-use. While this can seem like an easy solution to cleaning the house, it will live in a landfill for a long time and have a negative impact on the planet. Instead, find a reusable floor and wall cleaning tool that will let you get a quality clean while protecting the planet. These products can be washed with zero-waste laundry packs and safely be used again and again.

  • Switch out your floor cleaning products - Many of the floor cleaning products on the market are packed with harmful chemicals that are not only bad for your home but bad for the environment. Some of these products are even slowly damaging your floors. Instead, use an eco-friendly floor cleaning product that will give you a high-quality clean without damaging your home or your planet.

  • Buy the larger container - Another way to cut down on waste is to purchase the larger container when purchasing a floor cleaning product. Buying a larger container means that you will have to reorder less but it also means less plastic waste from the containers. It can also help to use a reusable spray container instead of disposable plastic ones to further avoid waste. Pouring products into a reusable container gives you the ability to wash out the large container and recycle it.

Is Your Bathroom and Kitchen Cleaning Routine Doing More Harm Than Good?

Another area that can often be filled with harmful cleaning habits is the bathroom and kitchen. Both of these areas require frequent cleaning. When cleaning is less-frequent or there are more guests, it can be tempting to reach for stronger products. The problem with a lot of the products that are labeled as stronger is that they are also packed with harmful chemicals. We have a few tips for getting a strong clean while protecting your planet:

  • Switch out your shower cleaners - Cleaning stubborn shower stains such as hard water stains can leave you frustrated and reaching for products with more chemicals. These products can be damaging to your shower and to the earth. As these harmful chemicals are washed down the drain, they can then become harmful to the planet. When cleaning the shower, switch out your cleaning product for an eco-friendly cleaning product that can fight mold, hard water, and stuck-on messes.

  • Ditch the paper cleaning products - Items like paper towels are a common staple of most bathroom cleaning routines. The ease of use and convenience of disposing of them can feel too good to be true. The problem with these products is that they contribute to waste and put chemicals back into the environment. Instead, opt for a microfiber cloth that will help fight messes without causing damage.

  • Fight grease without using problem products - Many oven degreasers and counter cleaners are packed with harmful chemicals that are bad for your health and the health of the planet. Switch to a cleaning product that puts the planet first while still tackling the most stubborn messes. Products like this are safer for your family and the environment while still letting you feel good about how clean your home is.








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