4 Ways a Cleaner Home Will Help Fight Allergy Season

4 Ways a Cleaner Home Will Help Fight Allergy Season

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Spring has sprung and brought with it its less friendly cousin. You know the one, allergy season. Allergy season can leave the joyous return of all things green and floral less than enjoyable. In fact, many people end up at home or with a new pouch of tissues accompanying them everywhere they go. Did you know the condition of your home can actually help you fight allergy season? Here are four tips for cleaning for allergy season.

Cleaning for Allergy Season

Allergy season leaves most people looking around the house for anything they can fix to keep allergies at bay. Not only is this smart, it doesn’t have to be time-consuming if you do it the right way. There are four key areas of your home that can make allergy season more difficult. We’re going to take you area by area and help you clean those areas up. These simple changes could have a big impact on your allergy season.

Walls, Doors, Windows, and Floors

When looking at allergy season triggers, you definitely don’t want to overlook your walls, floors, windows, and doors. These are big collectors of dust and can be huge problem areas. In fact, many people will track a variety of allergens into the home on their shoes without even realizing it. The good news is that these areas are fairly easy to clean and keep clean. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Walls collect a variety of allergens - You may not realize it but things like dust, smoke, and more cling to your walls. Use the 5-minute CleanWalls Bundle to quickly wash your walls and keep these allergens away.

  • Floors are home to a variety of allergens - When you wear your shoes inside, you track everything throughout your home that you have walked through. This can include a variety of allergens. Start by having a shoe station to store shoes when you get home. It also helps to use a quality floor cleaning product to clean floors and cut down on allergens.

  • Windows and doors - When most people think of allergens and cleaning, they aren’t going to think of windows and doors. This is the perfect time to think of them though. Cracks, improper seals, and built-up dust can all be problematic. Take some time to wipe down doors and windows with an all-purpose cleaner and then repair any damages.

Bedding, Curtains, and Toy Rooms

Did you know that bedding, curtains, and plush toys collect dust? These can be one of the biggest allergy triggers in your home. While this may seem like a no-win situation, there are some easy fixes.
Spending a bit of time cleaning and taking preventative action can make a world of difference. We have a few tips for cleaning bedding, toys, and play rooms to minimize allergens:

  • Clean bedding weekly - Using an eco-friendly laundry soap, you can wash away many of the dust and allergens your bedding is bound to hold onto. This will include washing items such as pillows, pillowcases, and even mattress covers.

  • Wash plush toys bi-weekly - Stuffed animals and plush toys are very popular with young children but they also trap dust, dirt, and even smoke if there is a smoker in the home. Use an eco-friendly laundry soap that is kid-safe to clean these plush toys on a bi-weekly basis to cut down on allergens.

  • Clean curtains/drapes bi-weekly. - Curtains and drapes are a big collector of dust and allergens. If your curtains are fabric, you will want to pull these down twice a month to wash them well and then return them. If they are not fabric, use an all-purpose cleaner to wipe them down and remove dust/debris.

Heating, AC, Fans, and More!

When most people think of cleaning for allergens, they think of surfaces. Many won’t even think to look up when preparing their home to be more allergy-friendly. Some of the biggest allergen hiding places exist in the areas that heat, cool, and circulate air in your home. Spending some time cleaning these areas can have a huge impact on the overall well-being of everyone in the home. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Change air filters more frequently - During allergy season it is wise to change your air filters more frequently than you normally might. These air filters are working hard to keep common allergens from being breathed in on a regular basis. If you normally change them monthly, it may be time to change them every two weeks for a bit.

  • Get the ductwork cleaned - Heating and air conditioning ductwork can be a big hiding place for dust and allergens. It can help to hire someone to come out and clean the inside of your ducts. You can also make some time to clean the vent covers throughout your home with a cloth and all-purpose cleaner.

  • Clean fans weekly - Ceiling fans and room fans are one of the biggest dust collectors in your home. They are also a good resting place for a variety of allergens. Take the time to use an all-purpose cleaner and a cloth to thoroughly clean fans on a weekly basis.

Conquer the Clutter

One of the biggest areas allergens can hide is actually within the clutter around your home. Boxes, knick-knacks, random piles of paper, and more become great places for dust and allergens to collect. This is also true of extra clothing or bedding you might have laying around. Spending some time controlling clutter can make a world of difference. Here are a few tips for conquering the clutter:

  • Move extra clothing and bedding to space saver bags - These sealed bags can save you space while removing dust and allergens from the room. There are a variety of these on the market and they can be a big help in cutting down on the allergens associated with clothing clutter.

  • Remove boxes, paper, and other disposable clutter - Do you have boxes and paper clutter lying around? Take some time to recycle or dispose of whatever is not being used. It will help to cut down on the allergens in your home and give you more space at the same time.

  • Rehome what you aren’t using - There are many items that aren’t being  used in the average home. In fact, many people hold on to items they know they won’t use in hopes that they will use them in the future. If you are not using it, find someone who can use it now instead of letting it collect dust and allergens in your home.


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