Cleaning for a Better Night’s Sleep

Cleaning for a Better Night’s Sleep

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Getting a good night’s sleep can be one of the best things in the world. There’s just something about waking up fully rested. Many people will have good advice about getting some great sleep. While many of these tips might help, there’s one thing that may help even more. Here are some tips for how cleaning can help with sleep.

How Cleaning Can Help with Sleep

Clutter Can Steal Your Peace

One of the biggest things that can work against sleep is clutter. Having an environment filled with clutter can make it harder to unwind and sleep. There is something about a highly cluttered space that can cause you to feel like you can’t truly rest. The good news is, cleaning up clutter can have a huge impact on your overall quality of rest. Here are a few ways to declutter your room for rest.

Tips for Decluttering the Bedroom:

  • Start with dresser tops - The top of a dresser is one of the quickest areas to see clutter collect. Whether it’s laundry that didn’t get put away, papers that need to be dealt with, or knick-knacks you want to treasure, these items can quickly take over. Take some time to find a better place for these items or dispose of them so that you can have a cleaner dresser top.

  • Clothing clutter - Clothing can quickly go from enough to too much. Take some time to declutter clothing you will no longer wear and donate it to a great cause in the area. It can help to look at clothing and ask if it’s something you will wear in the next three months. If not, donate it to someone who will use it.

  • Paper clutter - Paper clutter can quickly take over any space. Old bills, magazines, ads, and more can find themselves sitting on a side table or dresser to be taken care of. Take some time to file these away or recycle what can be recycled. It can help you to gain some peace.

Dust is Not Your Friend

One of the biggest problems when trying to get quality sleep is dust. Dust can cause allergies to flare and make it harder to get quality sleep. Taking time to eliminate dust from the bedroom can have exponential returns on the sleep you are able to get. Even better, it can help to make your room feel cleaner with minimal time invested. Here are a few tips for tackling dust in your room.

Tips for Tackling Dust in the Bedroom:

  • Wash the walls and ceilings - Walls and ceilings can hold a great deal of dust and are often overlooked when cleaning. Take some time to get a good wall cleaner and give the walls and ceiling a wipe-down to eliminate dust.

  • Ceiling fans - While ceiling fans can cool down a room and provide white noise while sleeping, they can also hold a great deal of dust. Take some time to use an all-purpose cleaner and a microfiber cloth or mitt to wipe down fan blades and remove dust that would get distributed into the bedroom.

  • Dressers, TVs, and other furniture - Dust has a habit of hiding on TVs, dressers, and other furniture. It can help to remove things from bookshelves, dressers, and tv stands to wipe down the dust. Items such as knick-knacks can hold a great deal of dust and need to be cleaned regularly.

Carpets and Floors

Did you know that your carpet can hold dust, allergens, and less than pleasant smells? This can limit your ability to get a good night of sleep. Taking some time to clean floors and make sure that they are free of these hidden problems can have a big impact on your sleep. Even better, with a quality cleaner, this doesn’t have to take a great deal of time. Here are a few tips for cleaning bedroom floors for better rest.

Tips for Cleaning Bedroom Floors:

  • Start with picking up - Having a great deal of items on the floor can make it harder to thoroughly clean the floors. Take some time to pick up items such as laundry, trash, or other items that might make it harder to properly clean the floors.

  • Use a carpet odor eliminator - Carpet can hold a variety of odors that you can become immune to. Using a quality carpet odor eliminator can be the difference in the quality of sleep you get at night. It can also help to use a pet odor eliminator to remove any stubborn pet odors that can take away from the quality of your sleep.

  • Clean wood and tile flooring - While carpet can hold odors and messes, wood and tile flooring are not without their own messes. Take some time to use a hardwood floor pet odor eliminator or wood floor cleaner. This can help with the smell and overall air quality in the room.

Freshen Up the Bedding

Bedding can hide germs, dust, and odors. On average, people should wash sheets and bedding every week. By taking the time to wash and clean bedding you are able to sleep in a cleaner bed. It also gives you the ability to remove any odors that might remain on the bedding. Here are some tips for freshening bedding.

Tips for Freshening Bedding:

  • Choose a safe laundry detergent - Not all laundry detergent is created equal. Some will have chemicals that can work against your health. Choosing a non-toxic laundry detergent can help you have better sleep.

  • Choose safe scents - While scented laundry detergents can add a fresh smell to the room, some scented laundry detergents are made with chemicals that can be harmful for your health. Choose smells that are made from safe ingredients that won’t work against your health.

  • Remove unnecessary extras - While having a great deal of pillows or a throw blanket at the foot of the bed can give the room a nice look, they can work against sleep at bedtime. Take some time to simplify your room and remove extra pillows, decorative items, and other items that can take away from sleep

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