Give the Gift of Clean to Your Valentine

Give the Gift of Clean to Your Valentine

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Did you know that cleaning the house could be the perfect gift for your valentine? So often gifts like jewelry and chocolate are go-to gifts. We aren’t saying those aren’t a fabulous gift. That said, giving the gift of clean can be a Valentine’s Day gift that your significant other isn’t quick to forget! Here are a few tips for giving the gift of clean!

Tips for Giving the Gift of Clean

Why Give the Gift of Clean?

Before we talk about tips for giving the gift of clean this year, you may wonder why you should choose that. Did you know that the cleanliness of your home has a direct relationship with cortisol levels and anxiety? In fact, many couples will disagree about cleaning more than most other issues. Taking the time to give the gift of clean can help your partner’s mood and let them feel heard at the same time. The beautiful thing is, this is a low-cost gift that will be worth the time invested!

Start Small

When considering cleaning as a gift, some will pull away from it because they don’t want to clean the entire home. While cleaning the entire home is definitely a memorable gift for your partner, it’s not the only option. Instead, pick a small job that will have a big impact. By starting small, you can still have a huge impact without investing time you may not have. Here are a few tips for starting small with cleaning.

3 Ways to Start Small:

  1. Clean the area that matters most to them - For some the house isn’t clean until dishes are done. For others, it’s the laundry or the floors. While you may not be able to conquer the entire home, you can work on getting this area clean and freshened up. You can either go ahead and do the task, or you could even create a homemade coupon book, that lists the tasks to be cleaned on a future date.

  2. Declutter their favorite place - Is there somewhere your partner loves to spend their time? Clutter can be the thief of joy in those areas. Take some time to clean out the clutter and either find a more organized way to store it or dispose of it. This will let your partner enjoy that space more.

  3. Take donations to a local donations center - So often donations are boxed up and sit by the door or in the car. Take some time to get these items donated to where they need to go. Investing this small amount of time can clean up the space in a big way.

Go for the Wow Factor!

When cleaning, some jobs will go unseen because of the nature of them. There are some cleaning tasks that will have an immediate wow factor. They are very evident that they have been completed. These wow factor jobs can be a great way to really draw attention to the time invested. Here are a few wow factor cleaning tasks that are sure to impress.

Wow Factor Cleaning Tasks:

  • Deep clean the bathroom - The bathroom can be the area where many messes can collect. It’s also an area that is sure to frustrate anyone if it’s not as clean as it could be. Use products like a quality mold and mildew remover, an all-purpose cleaner, and a good toilet cleaner to give the bathroom a deep cleaning. Taking the time to clean the bathroom is sure to impress!

  • Floors and carpets - Floors and carpets that aren’t clean can ruin the entire feel of a home. Not only do they hide messes but they can hold odors. Use a quality carpet odor eliminator to deep clean carpets and add a safe fresh smell to the home. This will leave the home feeling like a breath of fresh air every time you come home. If you don’t have carpet, use a quality floor cleaner to give your floors a new cleaner look.

  • Kitchen sink and counters - So often things are thrown on the counters and clutter can quickly take over. Take some time to deep clean counters with an all-purpose cleaner and put away any items that aren’t being used. Take the time to wash all of the dishes, wipe down the counters, and clean the cabinets for a kitchen face-lift that is sure to impress.

Focus on the Areas Which Matter the Most to Them!

Has your partner constantly complained about a specific area in the home that is never cleaned in the way they want? This can be the perfect time to show your partner you hear their concerns. Take some time to learn how they want that area cleaned. Then take the time to work on getting that area cleaned to their standard consistently. There are ways to get the whole family involved in cleaning these stubborn areas. Here are a few common areas couples disagree about.

3 Common Areas that Typically Need to be Cleaned:

  1. Laundry - Whether it is left on the floor, never makes it through a full cycle, doesn’t get folded, or doesn’t get put away, laundry can quickly become an area of frustration in the home. Take some time to clean out your closet of clutter and address laundry that needs to be taken care of. This might mean picking items up off of the floor, washing a load from start to finish, or even just putting away items when they are clean.

  2. Dishes - Another area that is often an area that can lead to frustration are dishes. Sometimes they are left out, left unwashed, or washed to a different standard. Take some time to figure out what dish related tasks you can do to bring joy to your partner. Then take the time to get the dishes taken care of as a way to make them smile.

  3. Clutter - One big area that couples disagree about is clutter. Clutter can leave a house feeling messy and that mess can be overwhelming. By taking the time to deal with your clutter, you can make your partner smile. Removing clutter or organizing it better can let your spouse feel more at peace in that space. Take advantage of this time to donate out to a charity you believe in.

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