Does Your Laundry Cleaner Actually Clean

Does Your Laundry Cleaner Actually Clean

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Laundry is one task that many people try their best to avoid. The laundry basket always seems to create new loads when you thought you were finished. It’s almost like laundry is the permanent task of adulthood. If you are going to invest countless hours into keeping laundry clean, you have to ask one question and we can help you answer it. “Does my laundry soap actually clean?”

Does my laundry soap actually clean?

Does it fight stains?

Stains such as clay, dirty motor oil, coffee, topsoil, and tea are all common stains. As we go through our day-to-day life we accidentally spill these items or find them on our clothing. While there are some ways to pre-treat these stains, it is also important to find a laundry soap that is formulated to fight stains. The real test is a laundry soap that will clean those stains on a cold water cycle. Here are a few things to look at with stain-fighting laundry soap.

  • How was the laundry soap tested? - Many laundry soap brands will claim that they are effective at cleaning stains. When looking at a laundry soap ask yourself if it has been tested in an unbiased lab study using cold water for those specific stains. This will help you to know if their claim is backed up with facts.

  • What promises does the product make? - It is also important to look at the promises made by the product. How effectively do they claim their product is against stains? What information can they give you to back up these claims?

  • Can it fight stains without damaging the clothing? - While some products can definitely fight stains, they do so at a cost. This can include wearing down the fabric more quickly or making colors bleed. It’s important to look for a product that is proven to be safe for clothing while fighting stains.

Is it safe for your clothes?

When looking at laundry products it is important to ask yourself if they are truly safe for your laundry. While many laundry products will claim that they are safe, not all are created equally. Some are using harmful chemicals. Others are more likely to break down clothing quicker. Here are a few things to consider when looking at laundry soap options for your home:

  • How does it handle the color of your laundry? - Did you know that many laundry soap products on the market can actually cause colors to fade more quickly? This is because of some of the chemicals used in the product. When selecting a laundry soap you want a laundry detergent that will keep whites white and keep color from fading.

  • Is it wearing down the fabric faster? - Not all laundry soap is kind to your clothing. In fact, some will use chemicals that can cause your clothes to wear down more quickly. This can mean that buying a lower-priced laundry soap could be costing you a great deal! Instead, choose a laundry detergent that promises that fabric will be less likely to abrade and will stay newer-looking longer.

  • Does it clean as well in cold water cycles? - As more people move to cold water washing to avoid using excessive electricity and damaging clothes, this question should be asked. Not all laundry products on the market are tested and found effective for cold water washing. When picking a laundry product, make sure to choose one that will clean well on cold cycles as well.

But is it really clean?

When looking at your laundry after washing it can be tempting to assume it is clean. After all, you just sent it through the wash. It should be clean. While that may be true for some laundry products, not all of them are going to do the job right every time. In fact, some can work against clothing being truly cleaned Here are a few things to consider when checking if laundry is clean.

  • Don’t trust the smell test - Many people will use the smell test as a way to see if laundry is truly clean. While that might be your instinct it may not tell you as much as you might think. Laundry may smell clean because of adding scents or other boosters while not being truly clean. Smelling laundry can show you strong odors but it may not be a failsafe way to check.

  • Is there residual laundry detergent? - When looking at your laundry, check for residual laundry detergent. Powder or residual soap can be on your clothing. This can be because you used too much laundry soap. It can also be a direct result of the laundry soap not being effective when being used in the wash.

How do I make sure my laundry is clean?

With all of this in mind, the first question you might ask is how to make sure laundry is clean. After all, there is a multitude of techniques to get laundry clean. It can be simple to get laundry clean well. With the right products and these tips, you are sure to get a quality clean. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Am I using the right laundry detergent? - When you are working to get a quality clean, make sure you are using the right laundry detergent. Pick one that will pass the test for quality while getting you a complete clean.

  • Am I overfilling the washer? - Overfilling the washer with clothing will work against the cleanliness of your laundry. This is because the laundry cannot be properly agitated and washed with the laundry detergent.

  • Am I using the right amount of detergent? - It can be tempting to add more detergent if a mess seems to be bigger. This actually isn’t the best course of action. Using the proper amount of quality detergent will wash your clothes more effectively than using too much of any type. It is important to look at the measurements provided or use laundry packs to make sure you are using the proper amount.

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