Rejuvenate Your Shower to Look Like New

Rejuvenate Your Shower to Look Like New

Ken Arnswald |

Cleaning the bathroom can be beneficial to your overall physical and mental health. There’s just something about a fresh clean shower that makes a house feel like a home. While it may seem like a simple task, for some keeping the shower clean can be a daunting task. In fact, you might find yourself asking the question, “Why does my shower look dirty after I clean it?” The good news is, we can tell you why it still looks dirty and how to get the clean you hope for.

Why does my shower look dirty after I clean it?

Did you know your shower is a breeding ground for mold and mildew?

Mold and mildew thrive in warm and damp environments. Oftentimes the moisture from the shower can settle on the walls, tub, or even the ceiling. This can be an area where mold/mildew often thrives. Don’t let that discourage you though! There are a few things you can do to control mold and mildew in your shower.

  • Install a bathroom fan - A bathroom fan will vent the added moisture outside of your bathroom and help to control standing moisture. This is a simple way to help keep your shower area free of unwanted mold/mildew. Run this fan while you shower and for a few minutes afterward.

  • Use a shower curtain and liner properly - Use of a shower curtain and curtain liner can drastically cut down on water that is left sitting outside of your shower. Make sure the shower curtain liner is tucked into the tub properly to avoid any water leaving the tub during a shower or bath.

  • Treat existing mold/mildew with a mold/mildew stain remover - While traditional cleaners may remove some of your more stubborn messes, they aren’t made to treat mold/mildew effectively. When working to remove mold/mildew from your bathroom make sure to use a quality remover that will permanently remove it.

  • Use the right cleaners - Sometimes it takes a switch of bathroom cleaners to make sure you rejuvenate your shower. This shower cleaning bundle will help attack hard water stains, mold, and mildew. All three products work together to safely and effectively clean the most impossible shower build-up. Enjoy so much of a fresher space in less than 10 minutes! Who knew bath time could be this easy?

Did you know there are hidden messes too?

Your shower can seem pretty straightforward when it comes to cleaning. After all, you simply wipe down the surface areas well and you’re good to go. That may seem true but there are actually hidden messes you might not be aware of. These are areas where you will need to do some additional cleaning to avoid bigger messes later. The nice thing is, these are quick fixes that won’t require much time or effort from you.

  • Shower toys/bath toys - If you have kids, you definitely want to invest some time into properly cleaning the shower and bath toys. Items like wall clings, water toys, and even dolls that find their way into the tub can be hidden homes for germs. Wash all toys in a vinegar and water solution to keep them safe for kids. (It is also important to clean the insides of any toys that will hold water.)

  • Washcloths and loofahs - Any of the personal cleaning products used in the shower should be cleaned regularly. Leaving them sitting in the tub/shower is a quick way for mold growth and germs. It is ideal to wash them multiple times a week.

  • Towels and robes - Items like towels and robes are often hung up on the side of the shower or near it. Moisture from showers and from drying off doesn’t fully dry when these are hung up. Washing them weekly at the bare minimum is important for keeping germs/mold away.

  • Spills/drips - Spilled soaps and dripping faucets are other big culprits when dealing with a dirty shower. Take a few minutes to wipe down any spilled shampoo, body wash, or other personal care items.

  • Walls and surfaces - Standing water on surfaces and walls can cause an unnecessary mess. Use a Shower door magic water repellant on surfaces to avoid the buildup of some of these messes.

What about hard water stains?

Hard water stains are one of the biggest culprits of a messy shower. Hard water stains can appear as chalky white residue that results from the buildup of excess minerals present in hard water. They can leave even the cleanest shower looking dull and messy. Taking some time to properly clean and prevent hard water stains can be a game-changer for any shower. Even better, there are simple ways to do so.

  • Start at the source - One of the best places to start with hard water stains, is working on using a water softener to help prevent future buildup and avoid hard water issues.

  • Work to clean the existing stains - Hard water stains don’t have to be impossible. Use a Shower door magic water repellant to safely and effectively remove all hard water stains and give you a fresh clean shower.

  • Prevent future hard water stains - Use a Shower Door Magic 6-In-1 Hardwater Stain Cleaner on all approved surfaces to help prevent future issues. Using a product line the one mentioned will prevent future hard water stains from forming with its patented Scum Shield™ polymer. You can’t beat a product that helps to control hard water stains before they have a chance to form!

Don’t forget about organizing

One of the big things that leave your shower looking messy is clutter. Adding in shelves or a storage system of some sort can make a world of difference. Use shelves or buckets that can be easily washed and dried to store a variety of your soaps and shampoos. It can also help to have a mesh bag or drainable container for any toys. Organizing your shower will help to cut down on the appearance of messes. Here are a few ways to organize your shower area:

  • Put up a shower shelving system - There are a variety of simple shelving systems that can be used in the shower. These will help to organize items instead of having them cluttered in the tub.

  • Have a garbage can by the tub - Many items will get left in the shower after being fully used. Having a small garbage can by the tub can help to cut down on messes inside of the shower.

  • Cut down on the amount of product in the shower - This might mean each family member brings their items to the shower when needed or simplifying your shower routine to avoid shower clutter.

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