High Traffic Areas - Keeping Your Kitchen and Bathrooms Cleaner

High Traffic Areas - Keeping Your Kitchen and Bathrooms Cleaner

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One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you may not be able to do every task every day. Instead, focus on setting up systems that keep things under control so that items like deep cleaning can easily be added to your routine. With a few simple tweaks to your routine, you can make it easier to keep high traffic areas cleaner.

Set Daily Cleaning Goals

Day to day life can get busy and it can be easy to neglect certain cleaning tasks. Setting a daily cleaning task list can help to control the common messes so you can better tackle the mess. Here are a few tips to help you set some simple daily cleaning goals.

  • Clean all dishes before bed - After a long day, it can be tempting to leave dishes in the sink to soak or to be dealt with another day. One of the best ways to keep the kitchen messes at bay is to make sure that all dishes are clean before heading to the bed for the day. This might mean having each person in charge of their dishes, setting a daily chore list where someone is in charge of dishes, or doing a round of dishes before heading to bed for the night.

  • Wipe down counters before bed - Kitchen and bathroom counters can be areas that easily hold a great deal of the mess and involve more time. By taking some time to wipe down counters on a daily basis, you can avoid further messes in other areas. Make sure to use a quality all-purpose cleaner to remove germs as well as clean messes. When wiping down counters make sure to dispose of any trash or recyclables. Clutter can work against future deep cleaning projects.

  • Clean the floors - Take some time to sweep and clean floors each day. By taking the time to sweep and clean floors you will be able to avoid large messes. This simple task will help you to keep larger messes at bay so you can focus on more important deep cleaning tasks.

  • Take out the trash - Take the time daily to take out the trash in the bathroom and kitchen. By removing trash daily, you will free yourself up to handle other areas in the kitchen and bathroom. The other benefit is that you will be able to dispose of clutter so that you can have space to focus on deep cleaning.

Set Deep Cleaning Weekly Goals

Once you have established a routine with some of the smaller cleaning tasks, you can start to work on weekly deep cleaning projects. This will help you to tackle these larger tasks that often get neglected during a busy season of life. You do not need to complete every one of these tasks every week. Instead, set their frequency per month and add them to your weekly cleaning to spread out the jobs you need to get done. Here are a few options for deep cleaning for bathrooms and kitchens.

  • Deep clean toilets and tubs - Toilets and tubs that are deep cleaned on a weekly basis are less likely to have more stubborn stains. Using a high-quality bathroom cleaner to avoid dealing with more stubborn stains. Another tip for toilets is to coat them with shaving cream and come back to them in half an hour. This will break down many stubborn stains so that you can easily wipe them away.

  • Declutter and clean out cabinets - It can be easy to keep too many things in your cabinets. Take some time on a weekly basis to remove items that are cluttering up your cabinets. While you are removing clutter, wipe down the shelves. This will help you keep the insides of cabinets clean. In the bathroom, this will mean removing old cleaning and self-care items. For the kitchen, this will mean removing food or dishes you may not use anymore.

  • Clean under furniture and behind appliances - Items can fall next to or under appliances and furniture fairly easily. Take some time to pull out appliances such as the refrigerator or oven to clean under and behind them. Make sure to wash downsides of the appliance or cabinet as items can fall or drip downsides. In the bathroom, this might mean things like garbage cans, shelves, or cabinets. Take some time on a monthly basis to do this form of deep cleaning.

  • Clean drains and stubborn stains - Sometimes drains can get stopped up and can leave your bathroom or kitchen sink in a bigger mess. However, these areas are fairly simple to clean. Pour some baking soda down drains and then pour some vinegar in after. Most of the time this will loosen up clogs and help to keep these working. For stubborn stains in the bathroom or kitchen use a quality stain-fighting cleaner to tackle those.

  • Clean grout - For many, the idea of cleaning grout is so stressful. Whether you have a tiled shower, floor, or countertop, taking the time to clean the grout is incredibly important. This is where a high-quality grout cleaner can come in handy. Take some time at least once a month to give the grout a good deep cleaning.

  • Clean walls and curtains - Walls and curtains/blinds are often neglected. Use a quality wall cleaner to clean down the walls easily. Wash curtains and clean down blinds to control dust and help to keep your kitchen and bathroom tidier.

The most important thing to keep in mind when cleaning higher trafficked areas in the home is that how you handle the smaller cleaning tasks will set you up to succeed with deep cleaning.

Keeping the kitchen and bathroom clean can get a bit overwhelming. With so many nooks and crannies for messes to hide, it can be easy to get frustrated with cleaning. So how do you keep these high traffic areas clean while knowing they will be used? We have some tips for keeping your kitchen and bathroom cleaner. Even better, these will work around your already busy household schedule!

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