How to Pack Away Your Christmas Decorations

How to Pack Away Your Christmas Decorations

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The holidays are basically over and with that comes the task of organizing and storing the overflow of decorations. So many of us use this time of year to deck the entire house in beautiful decorations. While these can be such a great way to bring joy to the home, putting the decorations away can be less magical. But organizing the home for the start of the new year is key for your family to feel less stress. Taking some time to prepare while decorating for putting them away can be a game-changer. Here are a few tips for packing Christmas decorations.

Tips for Packing Christmas Decorations

Check Storage Containers

When unboxing decorations to put them up, it can help to spend some time looking at the boxes and containers you are using to store these items. Some of these containers can be damaged over time. Spend some time looking at containers when decorating and ask yourself if that item is still the best option. It may be time to use holiday sales to upgrade to a better storage solution.

4 Things to Check When Purchasing Storage for Decorations:

  1. Does the item seal well? - When picking out storage containers make sure that all items will seal well. This will prevent rain, humidity, and dust from getting into the container. Look at containers that have high-quality seals and will close easily. If you are concerned with whether an item will seal well, you can add an item, like tape, around those to keep it more tightly sealed.

  2. Does the storage help to protect against breaking/crushing? - Some of your decorations will be more susceptible to breaking or crush damage. When picking out storage options, look for containers that will stack well without causing any damage to the items inside. You may want to purchase additional items such as packing materials like newspaper or bubble wrap to avoid breaking any items.

  3. Does the container work for your storage location? - While some storage solutions may be amazing, not all storage solutions will fit your closet or attic. It’s important to select an option that will fit well into your storage area. Take time to look at the shape of the container and whether it will fit your area.

  4. Is it easy to clean? - It is important to use a non-toxic cleaner to clean storage containers before putting new items in them. While some cloth storage options might be good, you may want to pick a container that is easier to wipe down and sterilize with a safe all-purpose cleaning spray.

Clean the Decorations Before Storing

When starting to put away decorations, it is important to clean them first. Items such as dust and dirt can stay on these items throughout the year. Take some time before putting items in their containers to clean them. With most items, a safe non-toxic all-purpose cleaner can be used to clean these items. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you clean these decorations.

4 Tips for Cleaning Decorations Before Storing:

  1. Wash fabric items where possible - Items such as stuffed animals, tree skirts, table runners, and other fabric items can collect dirt and dust. Washing these items in a non-toxic laundry soap before storing can help to keep these items clean and usable over time.

  2. Wipe down ornaments and tree decorations - Items such as ornaments should be wiped clean of dust and dirt. Taking the time to do this during packing up, will save you some dust when opening up your decorations during the next holiday season.

  3. Clean trees, wreaths, and other large items - The larger items that need to be stored should be wiped down of dust and debris before being stored. Taking the time to do this when packing will save you work next holiday season.

  4. Throw things out where needed - To store the items that matter, it can help to dispose of items that are broken or damaged. If you want to keep these items, it may be time to take super glue to fix them where possible. Disposing of items you don’t need will help you to clean and store the items that mean the most to you.

Clean, After Putting Away the Decorations

Decorations can leave behind dust, parts of the tree, or other items that can be unneeded in the weeks after packing away decorations. Take some time to clean up after putting away decorations. Don’t forget the carpet or floors, that tree was standing on, may need cleaning, too. This will help you to be ready to head into the new year with a clean home. Even better, this will help to avoid any issues with residual dust or dirt from decorations. Here are a few tips for cleaning after putting away decorations.

4 Tips for Cleaning After Putting Away Decorations:

  1. Have a plan for stragglers - No matter how much you try, there will always be items that don’t get put away. Set aside a storage container for these items so that you can put them away while cleaning. This will help to avoid clutter that can lead to messes.

  2. Clean the area where the tree was - The area where the tree was put up is likely to have a lot of dust and residual mess from decorating. Take some time to clean the area well. This could include, sweeping, mopping, or vacuuming this area. Using a quality carpet cleaner can help with any messes that get deep into the carpet from the tree.

  3. Wipe down counters, shelves, and other areas - Take some time to use an all-purpose cleaner to wash the counters, shelves, and other areas where decorations were. This will help to remove any residual dust, glitter, or mess from those decorations. Make sure to clean areas like corners and backs of counters that sometimes get less attention.

  4. Clean down other items that are being put back out - When removing decorations and replacing them with non-holiday items, take some time to wipe down those items and remove all dust from them. This is a great time to clean down those items before placing them on display again in your home. While they may not be stored long enough to collect dust, they will still collect some dust while being put up for the holiday season.

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