How to Reset Your Home for Fall

How to Reset Your Home for Fall

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Are you working to get your home ready for fall? With the fall comes many big projects everyone should tackle. Whether you are setting up to clean out the gutters, prepare the house for winter, or do some fall cleaning, it can feel a bit overwhelmed. It doesn’t have to overwhelm you though. We have some tips on how to reset your home for fall.

How to Reset Your Home for Fall

Make a List of What Needs to Get Done

Before tackling the items you need to accomplish, it can help to make a list. Take some time to list out everything that needs to get done. When making this list break it down by priority. Not everything is a top of the list item. If you are able to break out larger priorities first and then put smaller items lower on the list it can help you to accomplish what needs done the most. Making this list means that you can decide which items are less bothersome if they don’t get completed. It gives you some room for error if needed.

Plan Before You Begin

When taking on big projects it can be tempting to jump in without really planning it out. Take some time before starting a new project to plan it out. This will mean getting all supplies you will need, securing any permits you will need, and making sure that there is a backup plan if something goes wrong with the project. It can also help to have a plan for safety. Look at how you can safely complete the job without getting injured.

Be Honest About Scheduling

Taking on a big project can feel easy to accomplish when you first begin. However, most big projects can take more time than originally believed. It can be important to be honest about your schedule when starting a big project. Instead of planning to conquer a large job in a day, it may be better to break that job into smaller jobs. Spreading a large job out across your schedule can help you to be more confident that it will get done.

Check Tools/Supplies Before Beginning

One of the most frustrating things with a project is getting started and finding that a tool doesn’t work or isn’t charged. Before starting a job, take some time to make sure all tools and backup batteries are charged. It can also help to do a check of tools and make sure you have all drill bits, the right screw drivers, or gas for items like power washers. This advanced preparation will help relieve some stress when you get started.

Take Care of Weather Sensitive Jobs First

If you live somewhere that items like snow can hinder a job, it can be important to handle weather sensitive jobs first. Items like cleaning out gutters, maintaining heating systems, paint/seal exterior wood, or preparing firewood should be done during the fall months before the snow begins. When making a list of jobs to accomplish, start with these. Starting with these jobs will give you the ability to avoid dealing with them in the snow. When looking at your schedule, make these jobs a priority. And, one final item to consider - how to safely dispose of unwanted items and trash.

Jobs to Consider on Your Fall To Do List

When preparing for fall it can help to have a simple list of jobs to work on. While there may be a honey-do list, there are also some other items that you didn’t think to add. We have some items to add to your to-do list and help you prepare for fall. Adding these items on would help to save work later. These are also items that can help you prepare for cooler months when projects may not be as possible.

  • Repair drafts - Before the winter months it can help to check the house for drafts. Take some time to fill any cracks or repair areas that are letting in drafts.

  • Fix safety devices - Replace batteries in smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and all security devices in the home. This can save your family from devastation.

  • Clean gutters - Cleaning out the gutters before the winter months can help to keep everything working effectively in the coming months and into spring. Remember to have the tools to safely do this, without having to rely on unsafe ladders.

  • Do a roof check - Take some time to check the roof for damage or any leaks before winter comes. This will give you the chance to pick up patches or tarps as needed to repair any hidden issues.

  • Inspect trees - Trees on the property can develop issues during the summer months that can be a problem as you head into fall. Check for any issues with trees that may need to be cut back or removed.

  • Plant bulbs - If you are hoping for spring flowers, fall can be the perfect time to plant certain bulbs. Look at what grows best in your area. Plant bulbs based on your zone for a nice spring surprise.

  • Remove leaves - Fall leaves can be a constant problem when trying to keep things moving during the fall months. Take some time to remove leaves to a compost pile or to the garbage.

  • Organize the shed - Before heading into fall it can help to organize the shed. This will help you to store items you need to store during the fall months or work in the winter months.

  • Service summer lawn equipment - The fall months are a fantastic time to take care of oil changes and other services on summer lawn equipment. It can help to do all of this heading into the fall months before putting it up for the winter.

  • Inspect siding - Another area where you can invest some time in the fall is in checking on siding. You will want to check for cracks or damage. Have someone repair the damage or repair it yourself to avoid further damage. And, one of the most effective ways to make your siding look like new is to do a simple cleaning of it, removing mildew and dirt.

  • Clean the garage out - This can include removing items that need to be donated, organizing tools, and cleaning up any messy areas in the garage. Invest some time into the garage during the fall months so that it is ready for the winter months.

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