The Ultimate Fall Deep Cleaning Checklist

The Ultimate Fall Deep Cleaning Checklist

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As we move into the fall months, people are quick to pull out fall decorations, crave all things pumpkin, and pull out a favorite sweater. The cooler months invite us to embrace the comfort that fall offers. The fall months are also the perfect time to take on some deep cleaning before decorating. After all, it’s a lot harder to get that comfortable fall home feeling in a house that is cluttered or messy. We have put together the ultimate fall deep cleaning checklist to help you get your house ready for the cozy season ahead.

The Ultimate Fall Deep Cleaning Checklist

The Kitchen

Deep cleaning the kitchen can help you to prepare for some of the amazing kitchen happenings that come with fall. Whether you are cooking Thanksgiving dinner, baking sweet treats, or making one more pot of pumpkin-spiced coffee, it’s just better in a clean kitchen. There are some areas of the kitchen that are often overlooked when deep cleaning. As you make your deep cleaning schedule make sure not to miss out on some of these key areas. Here are a few ideas for deep cleaning the kitchen.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning Checklist:

  • Under and behind appliances - Take some time to pull out the refrigerator and oven and use an all-purpose cleaner under and behind them.

  • Coffee pots and small appliances - In order to clean your coffee pot and keep it fresh cycle a 1:1 ratio of water and vinegar through it twice. This will clean it for future use. Take the time to clean out all small appliances such as toasters as well.

  • Oven - Your oven needs a deep clean before heading into the fall cooking season.

  • Cabinets - Take some time to clear everything out of cabinets, wipe down shelves, and organize things when putting them back in.

  • Prepare donations - If there is a food item you know will not get eaten, take some time to prepare a box of donations to give to a local food bank.

  • Refrigerator - Deep clean the refrigerator by cleaning out all food and wiping down the insides and all drawers.

  • Curtains and drapes - Curtains and drapes can hold a great deal of dust. Remove these and give them a good washing before hanging them back up.

  • Sink and under the sink - Many don’t clean the sink and below the sink area often enough. Clean this area and check for any leaks that might need attention.

  • Floors - don’t forget fall is the perfect time to do a true deep cleaning on your kitchen floors.

Living Areas

Living areas such as living rooms, bedrooms, and family rooms can quickly collect clutter and mess. These are also the areas many families retreat to in the cooler months. Taking some time to deep clean these areas can add to the overall comfort of enjoying family time together. Even better, these areas are simple to clean. We have a few tips for deep cleaning living areas to share with you.

Living Area Cleaning Checklist:

  • Couches, chairs, mattresses, carpets - These areas can all hold dust and dirt from day to day life. Take some time to vacuum and deep clean these with a safe upholstery cleaner.

  • Clothing - Fall is the perfect time to go through all of your clothing and see what belongs in a donation bag. Removing items you won’t wear will help keep dust and clutter under control while making laundry easier to manage.

  • Dust, dust, dust - One area many people don’t focus on is dusting when deep cleaning. However, dust can contribute to health issues. Take some time to dust all of your furniture, nick knacks, ceiling fans, and more.

  • Walls and ceilings - When deep cleaning it is important to take some time to deep clean the walls and ceilings with a quality wall cleaner. This will give your home a freshness that is sure to make fall more comfortable.

  • Move furniture to clean under them - This is the time to move couches and bookshelves to give the areas under and behind them a deep cleaning. Take some time to wash floors and throw away any trash that might have fallen beneath a couch or under the bed.

  • Clutter - Clutter can make even the biggest room feel smaller and messier. Take some time to remove clutter and either find a place for it or donate it to someone who can use it more than you might be able to.

  • Toys, games, books - When cleaning living areas, items like toys, games, and books can easily take over space. Take some time to find a space for these. It is also important to wash stuffed animals and clean toys that are frequently played with.

  • Smoke alarms and other safety alarms - Take some time to make sure these alarms have fresh batteries and are working effectively.

Bathrooms and Laundry Rooms

The bathrooms and laundry rooms are often cleaned but rarely deep cleaned in certain areas. It is important to clean both of these areas well. Not only can it make the home feel more comfortable for fall. Some cleaning tasks in this area can actually protect your family. These areas may involve a bit more time but cleaning them can bring a great deal of calm to the area. Even better, we have some helpful tips for deep cleaning bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Bathroom and Laundry Room Deep Cleaning Checklist:

  • Dryer vent lines - The dryer vent that goes from the inside of your home to the outside needs to be cleaned yearly. You can clean this yourself or hire someone to do it. Cleaning this will avoid lint buildup and can help you to avoid a dryer fire.

  • Toilets - Take some time to clean under, behind, and around your toilets as well as the toilet bowl.

  • Showers - Shower grout, doors, curtains, and walls need a deep clean. These areas can be home to mold and germs.

  • Cabinets - Another area to spend some time deep cleaning are the cabinets. Remove everything and wipe down shelves and drawers before putting things back.

  • Walls and ceilings - Walls and ceilings get overlooked in the bathroom. Take some time to wash these with a quality cleaner.

  • Washer and dryer - Take some time to pull out the washer and dryer to clean under and around it. Make sure all vents are correctly connected and that there are no frays in the electric lines.

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