The Effects of Toxic Chemicals

The Effects of Toxic Chemicals

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With the cold and flu season, viruses that come home from school, and a variety of other illnesses that can be brought home, many are spending more time deep cleaning their homes. It can be so important to work on cleaning surfaces that might let viruses live and expose your family. However, many families will turn to toxic cleaning products thinking they are the only option. This is not the case. There are many natural options that can kill most viruses without the effects of toxic chemicals.

The Effects of Toxic Chemicals

When working on cleaning areas in the home, you might be tempted to opt for toxic cleaning products because they are “guaranteed” to eliminate germs and keep your family healthy. These cleaning products have some hidden dangers that can actually work against your family’s health. While they may kill many germs, they are also leaving behind some toxic ingredients that can hinder your family’s health in the process. Let’s talk a bit about some of these products and what you can do instead.

Antibacterial Hand Soap/Foam/Gel

When faced with germs, hand washing is one of the quickest ways to stop the spread. However, not all hand products are created equal. In fact, many of your antibacterial products can work against you when protecting you from viruses. Many antibacterial hand soap products contain triclosan which has been linked to health issues and can actually make a virus stronger. There are many studies that show that these products don’t protect people more than non-antibacterial hand soap. Using a soap-free of toxic chemicals can protect your family from germs without the implications of some of these more toxic components.

*Quick tip - Switch out chemical-filled cleaners with bar soap made with safe ingredients.

All-Purpose Cleaner Sprays

All-purpose cleaner sprays can be the default for many families as they promise to cover multiple areas of the home. While these have strong claims that they will destroy germs while cleaning, they are also packed with harmful chemicals that are not safe for the family. Whether you are using these to clean doorknobs, countertops, or other common areas in your home, they can quickly become a health hazard. Ingredients such as ammonia, ethylene glycol monobutyl acetate, sodium hypochlorite and/or trisodium phosphate can be found in many of these cleaners. These ingredients are known to irritate eyes, skin, and airways. Replace these with natural all-purpose cleaners that are able to eliminate germs while protecting your family from toxic cleaners.

*Quick tip - Switch out all-purpose chemical cleaners for a cleaning alternative that can handle getting rid of germs without exposing the family to harmful chemicals.

Laundry Products

Some viruses can live on fabrics for an extended period of time. This is why many families will opt for washing all of the clothes and bedding in the home during a season when sickness is more common. However, there are many laundry products that are filled with chemicals that can be harmful to the family and work against your health efforts. Commercial laundry soaps can contain Sodium lauryl sulfate, 1,4-dioxane, Nonylphenol ethoxylate, Synthetic fragrances, and more! These substances are known for causing skin irritation, respiratory issues, and triggering allergies. When you are doing laundry to prevent the spread of illnesses, it is better opt for a laundry detergent free of these chemicals. By choosing a natural alternative, you will have the ability to remove germs without risking further health hazards found in commercial products.

*Quick tip - Opt for a natural laundry product free of chemicals and synthetic fragrances to safely clean laundry without risking chemical exposure.

Floor and Carpet Cleaners

Another area most viruses tend to hide is in your floors and carpets. Because of foot traffic from areas that might have sicknesses viruses can be tracked into your home on someone’s shoes. It can be tempting to reach for a chemical-based floor cleaning product to be sure that you are eliminating all germs while cleaning. However, many floor cleaning products contain 2-Butoxyethanol, Ammonia, Chlorine, Sodium Hydroxide, and many more. These products can cause skin irritation, aggravate allergies, and have ingredients that are harmful to your overall health. When cleaning floors, you will want to opt for an alternative free of many of these toxic chemicals. You can clean the floors effectively without risking your health with chemical-based cleaning products.

*Quick tip - Opt for floor cleaning products free of harmful chemicals to safely remove viruses transferred into the home on shoes without risking further health issues.

Wall Cleaners

When deep cleaning the home to avoid the spread of common germs, many people will take the time to wash down their walls. While this is incredibly helpful to prevent the spread of germs, it is only helpful if done with safe chemicals. Many wall cleaners contain chemicals that are harmful to the health of the family. Because walls cover so much of the living space, using harsh chemicals to clean them can have several negative effects on the overall health of the family. There are many natural alternatives on the market that avoid toxic chemicals while helping you safely clean walls of germs and dirt. Using a natural alternative will leave you feeling safe from viruses while knowing you are protecting your family from harmful chemicals as well.

*Quick tip - Opt for natural wall cleaning products to avoid spreading harmful chemicals around many of the common areas in your home.

Cleaning Toys

Toys and games can hold a multitude of germs that can make children sick. However, using a chemical-based cleaning product to sanitize toys and games can be equally dangerous. Using cleaners filled with chemicals can put your child at risk of allergy issues or other chemical-related health issues. Instead, you want to opt for all-natural cleaners free of many of these chemicals and fragrances. By opting for a natural cleaner, you are safely eliminating germs while avoiding further contaminates.

*Quick tip - Opt for a natural cleaner for sanitizing toys and games without the health implications of toxic cleaning products.

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