Eco Friendly Cleaning Products Whole House Bundle

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Clean your home completely from top to bottom with Eco Friendly Cleaning Products from Healthier Home Products. With this bundle you will be able to: Easily wash up to 140 loads of laundry; Clean your entire bathroom from top to bottom for months, safely refresh any room by gently cleaning painted walls, ceilings, and baseboards, tackle even the dirtiest grout on the planet!

Pair it all with our multi-purpose concentrated Kitchen & Home Cleaner Degreaser for unmatched performance and versatility. Make 32, 32 oz. bottles with just one of our 32oz concentrated solutions!

Our fast-acting, water-based, grease cleaner/motor oil remover, is gentle enough for laundry stains and auto carpet cleaning. All with a fresh Mountain Peak Scent!

SAFE FOR: appliances, stainless steel, tile, copper, aluminum, brass, vinyl-sealed wood, plastic, rubber, and more.

USE ON: stove, oven, grill, car parts, rims, grout, bug splatter, and more.

What's Included In This Bundle:

  • Two (2) Boxes of our best-in-class, eco-friendly, zero-waste lavender laundry detergent (good for 140 loads)

  • Two (2) reusable, washable, high-quality microfiber cloths

  • Three (3) total mitts to be used with the CleanWalls Multi-Use Tool, including one (1) bathroom scrubby mitt for tubs and shower floors, one (1) microfiber dusting mitt for baseboards, floors, and hard-to-reach dusting areas, one (1) yellow mitt for cleaning walls or floors

  • One (1) tough-bristle, angled grout scrubber with a small wooden pole for leverage to help you clean that dirty grout

  • One (1) 16oz. bottle of our award-winning CleanWalls Everyday Wall Cleaner for cleaning and refreshing painted walls in your home

  • One (1) 32oz. ready to use All Purpose spray (smells like fresh oranges)

  • One (1) 32oz. concentrated Cleaner Degreaser that will clean up any mess in a simple spray. This one bottle will make 32ozs. of 32oz. bottles. You read that right...this one bottle will make 32 additional bottles by putting one ounce of concentrate into 31oz of fresh water. (smells like fresh linen)

  • One (1) 32oz. bottle of Bathroom Magic, which will quickly and easily remove any hard water stain you can think of while refreshing and actually cleaning your bathroom to the core (smells like grapefruit)

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