The Ultimate Christmas Cleaning Checklist

The Ultimate Christmas Cleaning Checklist

Ken Arnswald |

Christmas is almost here and with it comes countless to-do lists. There are gifts to buy, events to attend, and meals to shop for and prepare. While these are all important, it’s also the season when more people visit your home and more messes build up. This doesn’t have to add to the stress though. Check out this Christmas cleaning checklist to help you get holiday-ready!

Your Easy-to-Follow Christmas Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning for the holidays can be made easier when you set up zones to guide your cleaning. So often people look at the entire home and assume they have to do it all in one shot. Zone cleaning can help to lessen the stress while getting more work done. It will save time and energy. Here are the zones that should be on your Christmas cleaning list.

Kitchen Christmas Cleaning

The kitchen is at the heart of many Christmas traditions. Kitchens are used for baking cookies, prepping for a family meal, or talking while snacking on something sweet. With so much time spent in or around the kitchen, cleaning beforehand and having some preventative strategies can help keep the merry in your Christmas. The best thing about kitchen cleaning is that it doesn’t need to be stressful. Check out this kitchen cleaning checklist!

  • Appliances - Take some time to clean in, under, and behind appliances. Use a kid-safe all-purpose cleaner to wipe down the inside and outside of all major appliances.

  • Deep clean the oven - The oven will need to be refreshed before you host guests and do all of your holiday baking. Use a kitchen degreaser to wash the inside and outside of the oven.

  • Wash walls and baseboards - Take time to wash walls and baseboards with the 5-minute Clean Walls Bundle. This five-minute cleaning trick will have your house smelling fresh and clean.

  • Declutter and organize - Spend a few minutes removing excess containers and setting aside a location for any to-go containers guests might use for taking home food from a meal you host.

  • Countertops, drawers, and tables - Take some time to clear off countertops, empty junk from drawers, and wipe down tables. This will help when using these spaces for eating and meal prep.


Your bathroom will be used by many of the guests in your home. Take some time to give your bathroom a deep clean to prepare for Christmas. By investing time into cleaning the bathroom, you are helping guests to feel more at home. Even better, it will freshen up the smell of your home. Here are a few areas to clean in the bathroom:

  • Counters and sinks - Use a kid-safe all-purpose cleaner to wipe down counters and sinks. Make sure to move items aside to get the entire area as clean as possible.

  • Toilets - Deep clean the toilet by washing down the inside and outside of your toilet. Make sure to have a plunger ready near the toilet for guests in case your toilet acts up. It can also help to make sure you have an empty garbage can and spare toilet paper on hand.

  • Showers and tubs - There are few things worse than hard water stains when guests first see your shower. Use a hard water stain cleaner to remove these stubborn stains and help freshen up showers and tubs.

  • Walls - Take time to wash walls and baseboards with the 5-minute Clean Walls Bundle.

Common Areas

Cleaning common areas such as the living room, dining room, or a finished basement before your guests arrive will help to cut down on messes. Even better, it’s the area of the home that requires less time to be fully ready. Investing a small amount of time can have a huge impact. Here are a few areas that must be cleaned.

  • Dust - One of the biggest areas that many homes struggle with is dust. Collecting a variety of items can be great until it comes time to dust. Spend a few minutes dusting for a big impact on the cleanliness of your home.

  • Declutter - Spend some of your cleaning time working to remove clutter from the area. This can mean donating items or disposing of them as needed. Having less clutter also means less things to dust!

  • Wash walls and baseboards - Take time to wash walls and baseboards with the 5-minute Clean Walls Bundle.

  • Have a place for incoming items - During the holidays items such as gifts, cards, and other items come in more frequently. This can quickly lead to messes without a plan. Designate a place in the common areas of your home for these items like a special place to display your holiday cards or a basket you put them in.


The floors in your home can be one of the biggest sources of mess and bad smells. The beautiful thing is they can also be quick and easy to clean. Spending a few minutes freshening up the floors can give new life to the entire home. This is such a smart investment of your time during Christmas as people will sit on the floor more frequently for different activities. Here are a few tips for cleaning up floors:

  • Treat carpet stains - A stained carpet can take away from the appeal of the room. Use a carpet stain cleaner to remove stains and give your carpets a new look.

  • Clean hard floors as well - Use a hard floor pet odor eliminator and cleaner to remove bad smells from the floors while giving them a clean fresh look.

  • Rent a steamer for carpets - Carpets can become the host for a lot of dirt and germs. Use a steamer with a steamer carpet cleaner to remove the dirt and mess from the prior year. This will freshen up your carpets while leaving the house smelling amazing.

  • Have a plan for shoes - Shoes worn indoors track in mud, dirt, and tons of germs. Before guests come to visit, have a plan for where shoes will go. It can help to have a shoe rack or shoe bucket at the front door to help avoid tracking mess through the house. If guests prefer to wear shoes, spray them with an all-purpose cleaner before walking through the home.

A clean home is a happy home and makes the holiday season a whole lot merrier and less stressful! So clean now so you can enjoy the more important things this holiday, like spending quality time with loved ones.

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